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  • Elgin - Tabor Horizontal Vibrating Screen

    Elgin - Tabor Horizontal Vibrating Screen

    The linear motion horizontal screen is the mainstay of the many screens used in coal prep plants and lends itself toward sizing when the cut point is below 1½”. It is also used in magnetite recovery and dewatering.

  • Elgin - Tabor Incline Vibrating Screen

    Elgin - Tabor Incline Vibrating Screen

    When you need reliable scalping, sizing, desliming, or rinsing of processed materials, trust the heavy-duty Tabor Incline (TI) screen. Available in single, double, and triple deck configurations, Elgin’s vibrating screens deliver maximum durability with customizable features and accessories. Linear motion inclined screens are used primarily in the aggregate industry where production volume has increased but space limitations do not allow for...

  • Elgin - Model TRI - Tabor Reverse Incline Dewatering Screen

    Elgin - Model TRI - Tabor Reverse Incline Dewatering Screen

    Elgin’s reverse Incline Dewatering Screen is the ideal solution for desliming, dewatering and recovery of fines from effluent. Modular screen panels allow multitude of configurations of screen cloth for different applications. Screens that last. Elgin’s smart manufacturing techniques infuse exceptional strength to stress-relieved critical parts, resulting in a more rugged, durable body with high carrying capacity that can withstand years...

  • Elgin - Tabor Multi-Slope Vibrating Screen

    Elgin - Tabor Multi-Slope Vibrating Screen

    This screen is used in almost every coal industry application, particularly in raw coal/deslime and drain/rinse operations. It increases processed tonnage 30% to 40% over the same footprint of a conventional type screen. The operating principle of the “banana” screen is based on maintaining a thin bed of material from the feed to discharge end. This allows immediate stratification of fines to the bottom of the bed and increases the...

  • Elgin - Model CMI - Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge

    Elgin - Model CMI - Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge

    The CMI Model EBR/EBW Vertical Screen-Scroll Centrifuges are designed for small particles and will provide efficient and consistent moisture reduction even with fluctuating feed rates. Commonly used with a continuous process in which slurry containing both solid and liquid is continuously fed into and continuously discharged from the centrifuge.

  • Elgin - Model CMI-HVC - Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge

    Elgin - Model CMI-HVC - Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge

    Elgin’s Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuge (HVC) builds on seventy years of dewatering experience and reliability.  While terms like “workhorse” and “built like a tank” are used in describing past and present CMI centrifuges, the HVC continues this tradition of industry leading durability. The CMI HVC-1400 / 1500 utilizes a ‘sump splash’ lubrication system with no need for a pump, filter, gauges, or...

  • Elgin - Model CMI - Horizontal Screen Scroll Centrifuge

    Elgin - Model CMI - Horizontal Screen Scroll Centrifuge

    The HSC Horizontal Screen Scroll Centrifuge is designed to be user-friendly while lowering the cost of installation, operation, maintenance and repair. Screen scroll centrifuge is a filtering centrifuge which separates solids and liquid from a solid-liquid mixture. Featuring a simplified lubrication system that removes the need for onboard pumps, hoses, switches, etc. All maintenance tasks are performed at floor level with no need to access the unit...

  • Elgin - Model CMI - Vertical Vibratory Centrifuges

    Elgin - Model CMI - Vertical Vibratory Centrifuges

    The VC Centrifuge uses vibratory dewatering technology and centrifugal force to provide reliable dewatering of coarse particle applications. A large feed hopper eliminates the need for a feed chute, and a catch in the center increases part life. The VC features an accelerating wear plate which allows for even screen wear. The drive assembly consists of the main working parts en-closed in a steel cast housing which can then be removed as a single unit...

  • Elgin - Model CSI - Rotary Breaker

    Elgin - Model CSI - Rotary Breaker

    The Rotary Breaker is designed to process feed materials such as coal, alumina, oil sands, aluminum dross and others for further processing. Featuring dual or single end drives, Elgin Rotary Breakers lift and drop feed material several times as it traverses through the drum to size the material and scalp undesirable material. The desirable sized material passes through the screen perforations and into the product hopper where it is collected for...

  • Elgin - Profile Wire Screen

    Elgin - Profile Wire Screen

    All Elgin profiles are cold shaped to exacting tolerances for width, height, relief, hardness and tensile. Nothing less than our rigid standards are acceptable during the shaping process.

  • Elgin - Tabor-Thane Polyurethane Screen

    Elgin - Tabor-Thane Polyurethane Screen

    Elgin’s patented polyurethane screen systems can be used on almost all OEM vibrating screen manufacturers for sizing, rinsing and dewatering your product. We also offer hybrid screen decking available in woven wire, perforated plate and profile wire to maximize your screen’s efficiency.

  • Elgin - Modular Panel Screen

    Elgin - Modular Panel Screen

    1′ x 4′ Hybrid Panels. The most common problem with crown deck screen surfaces is premature breakage over the crown bars and at the center hold-down bars.

  • Elgin - Tabor Pinless System

    Elgin - Tabor Pinless System

    Tabor Pinless is designed for maximum user flexibility. The support system can accommodate various screen configurations and hole openings. The P3P system can be installed on most other deck frame designs. Engineered for ease of installation and maintenance, P3P can be quickly installed or changed, reducing operational down time and lost production.

  • Elgin - Curved Static Sieve

    Elgin - Curved Static Sieve

    Curved Sieves efficiently remove debris from incoming flow.  The screens utilize the coanda effect to improve efficiency, while using gravity and overflowing water to remain clean during storm events.