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  • Wastewater Treatment Processes

    The Wastewater Treatment process historically demands a high level of energy input which is contrary to current water management guidelines and legislative requirements. Any improvement in discharge quality using existing assets will require an increase in energy consumption at a time when regulatory demands require a reduction in energy use. Hydrok UK, with it's established ethos of providing innovative water engineering solutions, now offer significantly reduced energy solutions using fine bu

  • Eliquo Hydrok-Mecana  - Tertiary Filtration

    Eliquo Hydrok-Mecana - Tertiary Filtration

    The Eliquo Hydrok-Mecana range of Pile Cloth Media Filters are available to treat flows ranging from 3 l/sec to 250 l/sec in steel tank units. The filters are normally installed in multiple concrete tanks, the largest flow being 9,250 l/sec to-date. Retrofit into existing tanks is possible. Applications Tertiary Filtration for TSS reduction downstream of humus or secondary settlement tanks (

  • Aeration


    Fine bubble aeration is a simple process, but one that consumes 0.481% of the total power generated within the United Kingdom. Therefore any efficiencies that can be found to reduce this demand make sound commercial and environmental sense. Hydrok can provide significant reductions in energy consumption, along with reduced whole life costs and very competitive capital costs.

  • Hydrok - Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge System

    Hydrok - Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge System

    The Hydrok IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) system has been developed utilising the Biotextil Cleartec media for which Hydrok are the appointed sole UK distributor.When used in conjunction with the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers this system offers even further efficiencies within the treatment process. Biotextil Cleartec is a textile product made of 100% polypropylene which by the nature of its construction creates a large specific...

  • Hydrok  - Diffuser Liftout Grids

    Hydrok - Diffuser Liftout Grids

    Hydrok UK's Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed to allow the operator to remove and maintain the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers without the costly need to drain the aeration tank. The Hydrok liftout grids are advantageous to sites that have one, two or three tanks as it allows the operational capacity of the plant to be completely maintained whilst the liftout grids are being removed.

  • Hydrok  - Emergency Recover (HyER) Liftout Grids

    Hydrok - Emergency Recover (HyER) Liftout Grids

    Hydrok's HyER Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed for rental to help in emergency situations where an existing plant problem requires a rapid aeration solution. This could be in the form of operational overload during seasonal peak periods, during planned maintenance activities or where extended plant capacity is needed. The Hydrok HyER Diffuser Liftout Grids enables the rapid delivery of high efficiency oxygen transfer into treatment...

  • Hydrok HY-SAF - High Efficiency Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Hydrok HY-SAF - High Efficiency Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The Hydrok Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter (HY-SAF) offers a power efficient, robust, small footprint biological wastewater treatment solution individually designed to achieve the final effluent consent standard required. HY-SAF package treatment works are suitable for treating municipal wastewater for 100-3,000 PE (Population Equivalent) and industrial effluents - offering a complete turnkey package. With no moving parts in the main tank, the HY-SAF is...