ELS Technology, LLC

ELS Technology, LLC

ELS Technology has over 20 years experience in water treatment technologies and systems for industrial water treatment and recycling. We have designed and operated systems in both Asia and North America. We are specialists in the application of controlled-release technologies to water treatment applications, ad have a wide variety of chemical treatment and microbial control methods that typically can simplify operational requirements and reduce parts count in order to provide increased system reliability.

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6600 East Lookout Drive , Parker , Colorado 80138 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Environmental & Life Support Technology, Inc. was incorporated in January 1994 and is experienced in all phases of product design & testing, manufacturing support services & consulting. Our particular strengths are in applying the proper technologies to simultaneously satisfy process economic and technical requirements, initial concept development and manufacturing problemsolving. We provide investor support services in several technology areas, technology feasibility assessments, process economic evaluations, and mergers & acquisition due diligence support.

  • Independent Technology Analysis Services for Institutional & Strategic Investors
  • Custom Research, Product Development, and Process Consulting Services

Company products & technical areas of expertise include:

  • Specialty Catalysts & Catalytic Process Development
  • Airborne Metals Analyzers
  • Continuous Process Metals and Effluent Analyzers for Water
  • Total Organic Carbon Instrument Design
  • Scientific & Test Instrument Design
  • Touchscreen & Embedded Controller Design and Development
  • Process Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Water Treatment Technology
  • Biocatalysts (Immobilized Enzymes)
  • Process Waste Minimization

We are dedicated to development and manufacture of smarter, more efficient advanced life support systems for extended space exploration, and application of those technologies to maintain a cleaner, more sustainable environment on earth.

“The AeroLead Platform represents our commitment to addressing worldwide air pollution issues by providing rapid data to help companies protect people & the environment against heavy metal poisoning.“

AeroLead is an Innovative, Low-Cost Risk Management Tool

  • Vastly Improved Worker Safety & Production
  • Validation of Environmental Emissions Compliance
  • Proactive Risk Management for Industry
  • Better Community Relations
  • Streamlined Environmental Management for Government