EMG CSR Consulting LLP

EMG CSR Consulting LLP

EMG is a leading international sustainability and CSR consulting specialized in improving business performance driven by corporate and social responsibility. EMG’s client list includes banks and financial institutions, NGOs, basic materials and industrial companies, oil and gas, high-tech engineering companies, chemical companies, consumer goods companies and governments. Memberships and affiliations: Cradle to Cradle certification (MBDC/EPEA), EUROSIF, UKSIF, VBDO, KVGO, MVO the Netherlands. EMG - leading international Sustainability consultancy offering CSR consulting from sustainable development with Certified Cradle to Cradle Consultants.

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Unit D, South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road , Sawston , CB22 3JH United Kingdom

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Engineering service provider
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Internationally (various countries)

Leading sustainability consulting
With offices in Cambridge, London & Amsterdam we are a leading full-service sustainability consulting agency for profit and growth from corporate and social responsibility. Since our establishment on 4th April 2004, our core belief has always been that business is in a unique position to make an incredible positive difference in the world, when they succeed in truly aligning their values with the way they do business.

With sustainable business models such as the blue economy, circular economy, the natural way, closed loop and other CSR strategies we help corporations achieve tangible financial, social and environmental benefits while building long term success.

Sustainability strategy, training, implementation & positioning
In delivering sustainability strategies for our clients and implementing them so that they create a stronger business, we make our consulting stronger in return. Our analytics and assessments are powerful tools that will enable your organisation to focus on what matters most, creating a sustainable strategy, transparent reporting and brand positioning that answers the individual needs of your organisation.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the way humankind has gone about its business on this planet is no longer sustainable. For some companies, this is felt in the growing pressure from outside stakeholders, and increased legislation. Other companies however, see Corporate Responsibility as an incredible opportunity to take their business to an entirely new level by truly capitalising on the essence of Sustainable Development, pushing far beyond the traditional benefits of increased productivity, reduced costs or enhanced brand value.

We specialise in the steps that need to be taken to achieve this, transforming sustainability strategy,corporate responsibility values and ambitions into tangible, profitable results.

In 2008 EMG became the world’s first firm with accredited Sustainability consultants for the marketing of Cradle to Cradle, the closed loop/ circular economy model developed by William McDonough and Prof. Michael Braungart. We are also the first sustainability management consultancy to be a member of the European Sustainable Investment Forum (EUROSIF) and is also a member of VBDO and UKSIF. Our offices are in Cambridge, London and Amsterdam.

Over the years, we have received numerous international awards in recognition of its quality and effectiveness including most recently the American Summit International Leader Award and the Communitas Award for Leadership in Ethical and Environmental Responsibility.

EMG presents a new series of Sustainable Business Innovations and Sustainability Thought Leadership interviews among clients and other parties in our network with the goal of inspiring more people about the benefits of integrating corporate responsibility into profitable business. The interviews include executives, senior government and NGO officials, prominent financiers and heads of CSR for some of the world’s largest multinationals.

  • Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network
  • Alberto Andreu, Head of CSR and Reputation, Telefónica
  • Ida Auken, The Danish Minister for the Environment
  • Peter Bakker, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • Jane Henley, CEO, World Green Building Council
  • Gerrit Heyns, Partner, Osmosis Investment Management
  • Adam Lowry, Co-Founder, Method Products
  • Bridgett Luther, President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
  • Simon Mills, Head of Sustainable Development, City of London
  • Gunter Pauli, Initiator, The Blue Economy
  • Alison Rowe, Global Vice President for Sustainability, Fujitsu
  • Walter Stahel, Founder-Director, Product-Life Institute Geneva
  • Nigel Stansfield, Chief Innovations Officer, Interface
  • Markus Terho, Head of Sustainability, Nokia
  • Giuseppe van der Helm, President, European Sustainable Investment Forum (EUROSIF)
  • Darrel Webber, Secretary General, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)