Enablon is the world’s leading provider of Sustainability, EH&S and Operational Risk Management Software. More than 1,000 global companies and 1 million users rely on Enablon software solutions to manage their environmental and social performance, minimize risks and improve profitability. Enablon offers the most comprehensive platform in the industry, and is consistently recognized as a global leader and visionary.

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The emergence of new environmental and social risks, restrictive new regulations and radical transparency is impacting profitability, competitiveness, reputations and business models of corporations everywhere. Enablon allows companies to confidently operate in this new business environment by enabling innovative strategies and initiatives that increase the efficiency and resiliency of their operations.

The emergence of restrictive environmental, economic and social regulations across global markets and transparency requirements are putting increased pressure on organizations. As a result, profitability, competitiveness, reputation and entire business models are now at risk.

Enablon allows companies to confidently operate in this ever-evolving business and regulatory environment through better controls and operational management. We firmly believe that companies that implement structured sustainable performance management significantly strengthen and optimize their operations and can achieve true business sustainability.

Unlocking the Value of Sustainability

Sustainability is not just about environmental & social performance and communication to stakeholders. Sustainability is also about delivering superior and sustainable business performance by optimizing the use of resources and reducing operational risks.

Companies that understand the value of Sustainability will be the ones that succeed in today’s business environment. At Enablon, we know that technology can be a game-changer. This belief drives all our activities and the work we do with organizations all over the world.

Our solutions help organizations transform regulatory and business requirements into value creation assets. They offer a practical and effective response to today’s critical businesses’ challenges, including:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Prevention and mitigation of risks
  • Business performance and profitability
  • Engagement and transparency to stakeholders

Sustainable Performance is critical to any company's business strategy. Effective information system implementation responding to this challenge requires not only a thorough knowledge of specific technologies but also a comprehensive understanding of individual industry standards and compliance specifications.
Enablon offers an exhaustive response to this need. As a recognized industry leader, Enablon has built into their solutions numerous pioneering companies’ best practices, allowing their customers to benefit from this accumulated expertise in addition to cutting-edge technology and an unrivalled range of features. 

With several hundred projects to their credit, the Enablon experts guide and support their customers with solution deployment and implementation.

Enablon software solutions are used by over 1,000 global companies, thousands of SMEs worldwide, and over 1 million end-users. The Enablon customer community is one of the largest of its kind, spanning all industry sectors. The community is very active, engaging and sharing best practices at user forums, industry roundtables and through an online community platform called MyEnablon.

Enablon’s solutions are used by over 1,000 global companies and 1 million end-users in more than 160 countries. Major international companies and thousands of innovative SMEs have chosen Enablon solutions to manage environmental and social performance, minimize risks and improve profitability.

Enablon solutions are designed to industry standards and are based on Enablon Operations, a patented full-web infrastructure, and Enablon Application Builder, a web-based development environment.

Enablon solutions are recognized for being robust, reliable and easy to implement. They are deployable to thousands of users in multiple sites, either as on-demand service or as internally-hosted applications.

Thanks to their flexibility, Enablon solutions can be configured to match each company’s specific processes and implemented in a matter of weeks or months.

Our solutions help organizations manage their environmental and social performance, minimize risks and improve profitability. Enablon offers integrated software solutions and on-demand services to address all sustainability challenges:

Corporate Responsibility
Improve Sustainability Performance and Engage Stakeholders

Energy & Carbon Management
From Energy and Carbon Management to Financial Performance

Responsible Supply Chain
Drive Sustainability at All Levels of the Supply Chain

EHS Management
Ensure EHS Compliance, Reduce Risks and Achieve Operational Excellence

Enterprise Risk Management
Improve Control, Reduce Business Risk and Ensure Compliance

Corporate Governance
Legal Management and Corporate Governance

The Technology Enablers: Mobile, Social, Human, Smart

The platform’s mobile capabilities allow our global customers to access information from anywhere, at anytime. It takes advantage of user location to deliver real-time information and help users manage their tasks.

No organization can be successful, compliant or sustainable if they don’t engage internal and external stakeholders to understand uncertainties, threats and opportunities to meeting objectives. To do so, the Enablon platform embeds smart functionalities, such as data sharing between applications, activity streams, collaboration workspaces and a new user interface that facilitates getting work done.

Our platform is designed to facilitate our customer’s day-to-day activities and help them get their work done easily. It offers the most intuitive user interface on the market, providing clarity and simplicity for a superior user experience.

Enablon offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to collect, compile and analyze a large dataset at a fast and effective pace, and leverage the information for decision making. These capabilities include advanced functionalities for quantitative analysis, statistical modeling and forecasting, dynamic dashboards and scorecards.