ENDETEC, Global Sensor Platform of Veolia Water & Technologies is dedicated to the development of innovative sensor solutions to ensure Safe Water Integrity. At ENDETEC, our mission is to have a worldwide impact on public safety and the quality of the environment by developing advanced, automated systems for the detection of potentially harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, chemicals and their by-products. Endetec provides state-of-the-art and innovative environmental monitoring solutions that contribute to preserving our environment while addressing critical issues: To prevent health risks, to improve living conditions for population, to optimize installation plant.

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Suite 4697, Biosciences Complex, 116 Barrie Street , Kingston , Ontario K7L 3N6 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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With only 3% of fresh reserves globally, water is becoming a scarce resource.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) strives to preserve our environment with state-of-the-art detection solutions that secure water distribution in municipalities, industries and for populations all around the world.

ENDETEC is the global sensor platform of VWS, dedicated to delivering sustainable 'safe water integrity' with an innovative portfolio of technologies.


The unrivalled knowledge of sensor and detection technologies of ENDETEC™ are divided into three key Expertise Centres:

Our SMART METERING CENTRE, based in Vienne (France) is a end to end IOT solutions provider for industries and utilities Endetec Homerider Systems also develops sensor technologies for water quality and water safety monitoring.

Our ELECTRO-CHEMICAL CENTRE, based in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) develops and manufactures micro chip sensors for the measurement of multi parameters directly in-pipe for drinking water networks and industrial applications.

Our BIOCHIP CENTRE, in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), is dedicated from surface biofunctionalization technology to environmental domain, life science and medical markets with patented linker polymer family and proprietary surface functionalization technologies. 
We cover a large scope of applications: from robust bioanalytics (environmental measurement, medical diagnostic...) to material-functionalization of surfaces, especially bio-functionalization (antifouling, surface property modification...).


A wide range of solutions dedicated to smart water networks: remote water meter readings, leak detection...