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  • Measurement and Industrial Communication Technologies

    Technologies to make measurement precise, processes reliable and plant asset management efficient. It is only with constant innovation that we can keep pace and even get ahead of today’s fast changing demands on process automation. We develop our sensor technologies in collaboration with research institutes and based on our customer’s demands. However, innovation does not stop at the sensor. Industrial communication and data management technologies are crucial to prepare for the

  • Heartbeat Technology

    Heartbeat Technology

    You would like to increase your plant availability and reduce costs? Heartbeat Technology guarantees permanent diagnostics and verification without process interruptions. It ensures a cost-efficient and safe plant operation during the entire life cycle. A broad range of Endress+Hauser devices with Heartbeat Technology is available, which combines diagnostic, verification and monitoring functions for process...

  • 80 GHz Radar Measurement

    80 GHz Radar Measurement

    A new technology for more reliability and safety in your processes. The high-accuracy Micropilot NMR81 is the world’s first radar instrument measuring levels in liquids using a transmitting frequency of 80 GHz. The device was developed for high-accuracy measurement of levels in custody transfer applications and is certified for this purpose by independent test authorities. The 80 GHz technology features an array of advantages.

  • Proline - Product Line for Process Industry

    Proline - Product Line for Process Industry

    Proline provides accurate and reliable process information through superior measuring performance. Years of intensive research and application experience have enabled Endress+Hauser to evolve Proline to the state-of-the-art product line for the process industry. Since 1977, the reliability of Proline has been proven in over 2.6 million applications worldwide. The latest Proline generation provides industry-specific solutions packaged in a uniform...

  • Electronic Differential Pressure Measurement Systems

    Electronic Differential Pressure Measurement Systems

    With electronic dp we are offering an absolute superior solution with outstanding values to measure the level in pressurized and vacuum tanks. Deltabar FMD71/FMD72 help you to getting rid of problems resulting from traditional mechanical differential pressure measurement using impulse lines or oil-filled capillaries. With electronic dp safety risks are minimized and the total cost of ownership can be optimized due to reduced installation time,...

  • TempC - Temperature Compensatory Membrane

    TempC - Temperature Compensatory Membrane

    Highest accuracy and safety in pressure and differential pressure measurement with diaphragm seals. In processes with very high or very low temperatures, aggressive media or strong vibrations, diaphragm seals offer optimum measuring results. To measure even more precisely in such applications and to increase process safety, Endress+Hauser has developed the TempC (TemperatureCompensatory) Membrane on basis of a completely novel technology. The patented...

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Unified Operation

    Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Unified Operation

    Fast & easy commissioning of your measuring points with our standardized Human Machine Interface HMI. Simplicity through uniformity - Having various devices with different measurement technologies installed in your process can be challenging when it comes to commissioning, operating or maintenance. With our unified Human Machine Interface (HMI) operation concept, we can help you overcome these challenges. All our devices offer a uniform user...

  • Proline Prowirl - Model 200 - Steam Quality Measurement

    Proline Prowirl - Model 200 - Steam Quality Measurement

    Measuring the quality and quantity of wet steam, saturated steam and superheated steam. Steam has long been an indispensable source of energy in the process industry. Here, 40 percent of fossil fuels alone are used for the generation of steam. With Prowirl F 200, you have the energy and cost efficiency of your steam system well under control. This animation shows why, and explains how Prowirl can measure as a world's first the quality and quantity of...

  • Interface Measurement

    Interface Measurement

    Levelflex FMP55 with SensorFusion offers you the worldwide first combination of the capacitance and guided radar measuring principle in one device. The instrument guarantees safe measured value acquisition even in emulsion layers and issues level and interface layer signals simultaneously. This makes Levelflex FMP55 Multiparameter the new standard in interface measurement.

  • Ceraphire Ceramic Cell

    Ceraphire Ceramic Cell

    Ceramic is one of the hardest materials in the world. The Endress+Hauser capacitive ceramic sensor Ceraphire contains of 99.9% pure ceramic and is a dry measuring cell without filling fluids. The sensor offers high accuracy and is highly corrosion and abrasion resistant. Furthermore the Ceraphire offers best fit for vacuum applications, also pressure peaks up to 40 times of the sensor nominal range do not impact the measurement.

  • Liquiphant FailSafe Technology

    Liquiphant FailSafe Technology

    Point level switch for the maximum degree of safety. The point level switches for liquids of the Liquiphant family have convinced customers for three decades by now. The new Liquiphant FailSafe of Endress+Hauser sets standards in terms of safety and high availability. The point level switch is used in pump dry-run protection and overfill prevention, predominantly in the chemical, oil & gas as well as energy industry.

  • iTHERM QuickSens - Temperature Sensors

    iTHERM QuickSens - Temperature Sensors

    For plants with strict instrumentation requirements, such as in the food industry. The new iTHERM QuickSens offers the shortest response times (t90 = 0.75 s) in the market. The combination of precise, fast and stable temperature measurement delivers the highest degree of process quality and reliable product quality. Another advantage is that the minimum immersion length is reduced by >70%. Immersion lengths of 20 to 30 mm suffice to meet even the...

  • iTHERM StrongSens - Temperature Measurement

    iTHERM StrongSens - Temperature Measurement

    For plants with increased requirements for the measuring devices e.g. with turbines and compressors. The user can rely on iTHERM StrongSens for plants which are exposed to vibrations. Shock and vibration resistance of >60g (tested: 63g). The 'power package' StrongSens can be used from -50 °C to +500 °C. Thermometers with iTHERM StrongSens technology are the ideal solution for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power & Energy, Food &...

  • Thermometer Extension Neck

    Thermometer Extension Neck

    One simple turning movement for opening and easy re-installation after calibration. Patented thermometer extension neck with quick release for fast and easy recalibration. Fault prevention and time savings - the insert can be quickly removed. Protected against ingress of water due to protection class IP69K. No risk of mechanical damage or wiring errors during recalibration.

  • Memosens - Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology

    Memosens - Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology

    Make life easier and increase process safety with Memosens digital technology. Memosens technology revolutionizes liquid analysis technology. It converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, eliminating the problems associated with moisture and corrosion – the sensors could even be operated under water! With signal alarms in the event of transmission disruption, Memosens offers the maximum in...

  • Digital Communication & Integration

    Digital Communication & Integration

    Seamless integration of our field devices into the automation systems of many manufacturers. We were a pioneer of fieldbus technology and work actively in various technology organizations and standardization committees. We strive continually to simplify the technologies in order that our customers get the optimum benefits from them. We support the seamless integration of our field devices into the automation systems of many manufacturers. This...

  • Liquiline - Cutting-Edge Transmitter Platform

    Liquiline - Cutting-Edge Transmitter Platform

    Transmitters, analyzers and samplers for future-proof plant design and safe operation. Liquiline is the ideal platform for all liquid analysis applications and forms the basis for our state-of-the-art transmitters, analyzers and samplers. The uniform operation across all products offers convenience and ease of use and protects your process from operating errors. Liquiline’s standardized components optimize your spare part stock and so provide...