ENEA-Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

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  • Waste Cycle Management

    Waste Cycle Management

    ENEA carries out research, development, implementation and dissemination of innovative technologies and systems for the treatment, disposal and recycling of wastes, with a special focus on treatment technologies and processes for energy generation from waste.ENEA also designs, realizes and operates several laboratories and prototypes –sometimes at pre-industrial scales – for waste thermal treatment and for the recovery and reuse of waste...

  • Water Management

    Water Management

    ENEA is actively present, with scientific research and technology development, in the water management for civil, industrial and agricultural uses. The main line of actions are: purification treatment of wastewater, reduction of water consumption, reuse of treated wastewater, development of 'intelligent' systems for monitoring and automated management of wastewater treatment plants, development and use of mathematical models to simulate wastewater...

  • Environmental Restoration

    Environmental Restoration

    ENEA carries out activities related to environmental restoration and requalification programs aimed at implementing national and local public plans. Specifically it performs studies and analysis on environmental restoration and the identification of the most appropriate technologies, also providing technical and economic evaluations and epidemiological studies, feasibility and preliminary design of action plans. Such activities are all carried out at...

  • Environmental Certification And Management Tools And Eco-Design

    Environmental Certification And Management Tools And Eco-Design

    ENEA manages and implements methodologies, processes and tools for environmental certification of processes (such as EMAS, ISO 14001 and Agenda 21) and products (the Ecolabel I, II and III). ENEA also provides technical support to public administrations and private industries in the implementation of European and national regulations. In addition ENEA evaluates the environmental, economic and social impact of products at macro...

  • Radiation Biology and Human Health

    Radiation Biology and Human Health

    ENEA carries out research and innovation activities and provides advanced services on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. ENEA also develops products, processes and methodologies aimed at understanding the harmful effects and mechanisms of action of noxious chemical and physical agents. This scientific and technical knowledge allows coping with radioprotection and health technologies problems, thus contributing to development of the national...

  • Environmental Characterization, Prevention And Recovery

    Environmental Characterization, Prevention And Recovery

    In the environmental field, ENEA carries out research finalized to the implementation of methodological and technological innovation by following a multidisciplinary approach (engineering, geology, environmental chemistry and geochemistry, microbiology, ecotoxicology, sensoristics, modeling).

  • Sustainable Development And Innovation Of The Agro-Industrial System

    Sustainable Development And Innovation Of The Agro-Industrial System

    One of ENEA’s important objectives is to operate for the development and innovation of the national agro-industrial production system. The aim is to obtain food products using competitive, sustainable, and energy-efficient processes. The focus is on the made-in-Italy agro-food, applying cross-disciplinary skills to the productive chain, and employing advanced facilities, technology platforms, and related service structures.ENEA’s...