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The Energy & Waste group develops its activity within the waste treatment and in the renewable energy sector. In both cases with applying technologies of its own development. Its work involves Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI) of new waste treatments. The company dedicated to the biogas cleaning and biogas upgrading for different uses (energy or biofuel) and the biomass gasification and pyrolysis, has extended its action area to the water treatments (leached and gases removal by membrane). In this field has introduced a new technology (ILFD). It do too, pilot plant scale studies on gas scrubbing via wet or dry at high temperatures.

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Cardaire 31, 1º4º , Terrassa-Barcelona , 08221 Spain

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Energy - Bioenergy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than 1,000,000 €

The Energy & Waste Tech started its activity in 2000, but not until 2006 that starts working as an independent company. The companies born with the interest of satisfy existing needs in the treatment waste and recovery material. To this, develops proprietary technologies, which are introduced into the market of a continuous form.
The company dedicated to the development of technological projects, turnkey, in the sectors before mentioned, include too staff training in the renewable energy sector, highlighting the gas cleaning facilities, processes of pyrolysis and gasification of biomass by training course.
Closely related to the R & D and its dissemination through various media, has also, account with qualified and committed to his work. This allow us to collaborate and work with different companies among which may be mentioned.

  • Currently is present into the Latin American market, where already work on different projects in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico.
  • Committed to preserving the environment and clean energy, we are sure to meet any need that your company have.
  • The Energy & Waste group develops different research projects on the waste treatment and renewable energy. Also collaborates with organizations and company to look for solutions for their waste.
  • All our know-how is available to the customer to provide the solution for their needs, or our technical assistance for solving any problem and if they want the developing a specific project.