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  • Sustainable Building Services

  • LEED Design and Certification

    LEED Design and Certification

    Enermodal provides a “full service” approach to achieving LEED certification. Enermodal assists and leads the design team through the LEED process, providing insight on how green building projects meet the requirements of each credit. Our in-house costing databases and simulation tools identify the most cost effective approaches to achieving each LEED credit. Enermodal performs the required energy and daylighting simulations, building commissioning and...

  • Design Facilitation

    Design Facilitation

    The best sustainable buildings are the result of a multi-disciplinary design process. During traditional building design, many professionals contribute their expertise independent of one another, and design decisions are made by an individual or small team working in isolation from the larger core of professionals.

  • Green Construction and Waste Management

    Green Construction and Waste Management

    Material selection and installation play a large role in defining the environmental impact of buildings. Important considerations during material selection include salvaged and recycled content, embodied energy, off-gassing, local availability and durability.

  • M/E Design and Commissioning

  • Building & LEED Commissioning Services

    Building & LEED Commissioning Services

    Although engineering and architectural construction inspections verify that the systems and materials specified in building plans are installed as specified, building commissioning ensures that these systems operate as intended and that operation staff can operate a building for years to come. The LEED system has made building commissioning a mandatory requirement for certification. Furthermore, an additional LEED credit can be earned by performing...

  • Greening Existing Buildings

  • Greening Existing Operations

    Greening Existing Operations

    It is possible to improve the environmental “footprint” of existing buildings—a practice known as “greening.” The greening of existing buildings requires different approaches and technologies than with new buildings. In most cases, the building structure and systems must remain as is, and sustainability options must fit within these constraints. On the other hand, existing buildings present opportunities for improvement in building operations and...

  • Building Research and Technology Transfer

  • Envelope and IAQ Testing

    Envelope and IAQ Testing

    Poor indoor air quality (IAQ), often called sick building syndrome, is often the result of moisture in the building envelope, off-gassing of building materials, and the poor design and maintenance of mechanical systems. These problems can be eliminated by better building design and maintenance. Good building design can create a superior indoor environment that reduces occupant absenteeism and sickness, and improves worker productivity