Enerpy BV

Enerpy BV

Enerpy BV

Enerpy is a company located in the Netherlands. We have developed and patented the RMO (Reactor for Organic Materials) technology and we are currently ready to bring this technology from prototype to a full industrial machine. With this technolgy we are able to produce raw materials from organic waste in a sustainable way. We will put these new raw materials from our process on the market. While reading, the first RMO is being built. A full industrial plant, with which we will demonstrate the efficient, clean and sustainable RMO technology: which is able to process organic waste to raw materials: coal, oil and gas.

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Raadhuisplein 1 , Maarn , 3951 XV Netherlands
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Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Enerpy’s strategy is clear. We strive for an optimal and efficient management of waste in the world. A world in which waste is rather valuable than worthless. We do this by focusing on organic waste. With our new technology, we process organic waste into 100% usable products: raw materials, like carbon, asphalt, oil, organic acids and gas.

Our mission is to care for a healthy environment, which is inseparable connected with responsible and efficient waste management. With the RMO (Reactor for Organic Matter) organic waste can be processed into raw materials; gas, asphalt, carbon and oil in a few hours. The process is closed system and therefore does not pollute the environment.