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For more than 40 years ENEXIO Water Technologies has designed and produced plastic products for different applications such as Cooling Towers, Mass Transfer, Drinking Water Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture/Fish Farming and Stormwater Infiltration. This experience made us one of the most renowned manufacturers for plastic fills and enables us to find the best solutions for our customers’ requirements. The trademarks BIOdek, TUBEdek, GEOdek, PLASdek, HUMIPACKING, SANIPACKING, MASSdek stand for quality and reliability.

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Leyboldstr. 12 , Hürth , 50354 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

A long-standing history based on experience and trust
The former Power Cooling division of GEA Group AG - ranges from Air Cooled Condensers, Heller Technology® and Wet Cooling Towers including Service for Wet and Dry applications to 2H Water Technologies – operates separately and independently under the name ENEXIO.

ENEXIO is a reflection of what we do and what we have accomplished as pioneer in the field of industry-, process-, and power plant cooling as well as water and waste water treatment over decades. At the same time, our name is a promise to our customers and business partners – ENEXIO stands for Energy. Engineering. Excellence.

With our experience and pioneering spirit in engineering, manufacturing and service, we deliver state of the art solutions for power plants, water and wastewater applications – always inspired by our profound sense of responsibility for the overall management of resources and a clean environment. We deliver excellence and achieve customer satisfaction everywhere in the world. Our global network of employees work with an unceasing commitment to high quality, ecology and cost effective products and services.

What our commitment to Energy, Engineering and Excellence means for you is that we are a reliable partner who is always there to meet your expectations with superior results. More than 80 years in the market and a great deal of success have made us a leading manufacturer and solutions provider worldwide of both wet and dry cooling systems.

Depending on customer requirements, we can provide any type of cooling solution for power generation efficiency while assuring cooling water economy. Our rich product portfolio ranges from all dry air cooled condenser (ACC) and Heller technologies to all wet cooling towers, with limitless dry/wet combination systems and evaporative add-on solutions in between.

In addition to our core power cooling solutions, we also offer cooling tower, water and wastewater components that ensure a high degree of operating safety and environmental protection. The ecological Circumix technology —as a comprehensive solution to ash and waste water management in coal fired stations — completes our extensive portfolio.

The diversity of our designs provides customers with extremely eco-friendly solutions and a minimum of operating and maintenance costs. Underlining our responsibility as a reliable partner, we also offer customers comprehensive maintenance and spare parts service, developing and manufacturing all of the main components at our own production sites.

The organization
 The ENEXIO Group is based on three main pillars: Dry Cooling Solutions, Service, and Water Technologies.

Business Unit Dry Cooling Solutions includes all activities related to Air-cooled Condenser and Indirect Dry Cooling technology with its own heat exchangers bundle production in China and a strong global network. The Service division covers all relevant parts of After Sales & Service in regards to Dry and Wet Cooling as well as Mechanical draft and Natural draft newbuild-projects worldwide. Finally, the business unit Water Technologies compromises all areas of business related to PP & PVC media, starting with cooling tower components to entire engineered solutions for water and wastewater treatment. 

Our Shereholder
The Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses headquartered in Europe, focusing on businesses in the Industrial, Business Services and Consumer/Health sectors.

Triton seeks to contribute to the building of better businesses for the longer term. Triton and its executives wish to be agents of positive change towards sustainable operational improvements and growth. The 36 companies currently in Triton's portfolio have combined sales of around €13.2 billion and around 89,000 employees.

The Triton funds are advised by dedicated teams of professionals based in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Luxembourg and Jersey.

In ENEXIO, quality does not mean only 'qualitative products and solutions'

Each of our entities - comprising Production,  Engineering and Sales & Service functions - are responsible for setting up QHSE objectives and  targets as well as developing and implementing  sustainable programs to achieve them. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy is based on four main pillars and reflects 100% what we do understand regarding QHSE:

  • We do speak our customer's language and understand & exceed their needs.
  • Quality ranges from the top Management level to all ENEXIO employees.
  • Enhancing the well-being of our employees.
  • Developing systems to preserve natural resources.


Profit from our design expertise, best-in-class products and technologies as well as our experience working with clients in water treatment, cooling tower and mass transfer business all around the world. A working partnership with us is a different, more productive experience. Every client gets our full attention and a purpose-built system that delivers because it’s designed with intelligence and insight to include precisely the right combination of products and processes.

Experience and Expertise

Today, our customized installations are in operation at thousands sites worldwide. We are one of the few suppliers with the breadth and depths of expertise needed to offer customers a comprehensive, expert service –

  • process design expertise
  • consultancy
  • practical support –

at every stage of a water management, cooling tower or mass transfer solution from design through installation and operation. Our engineering team strives to find solutions to achieve best performing plants taking into account our customers’ operational and business objectives.

R+D Network

To provide you with continually updated equipment and applications that set new standards, we invest heavily in Research & Development. For example, our customers benefit from reproducible performance data generated by tests in our own test cooling tower in our Wettringen facility.

We are regularly called upon to work with academic, government and other influential organizations on research programs – such as the EXPOVAL project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research that established new algorithms for the design of trickling filters for hot and cold climates.

In the same time we have close connections to leading Universities and other Institutions thus combing our internal innovation strength with outside ideas and expertise enabling a great benefit on new applications and developments.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 50001
  • Drinking Water Certifications (for selected products):
    NSF/ANSI 61, KTW, ACS, DWI 31
  • Flame retardancy certificates (for selected products)
    • ASTM E84, Flame Spread Index ≤25 and Flame Spread Index ≤5
    • DIN 4102-1 B2
    • UL-94 V-0 and UL-94 V-2
  • For biological non-metabolizability (for selected products)
    • DIN EN ISO 846