Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance

Enhesa - Global EHS & Product Compliance Assurance

Enhesa is a global environmental, health and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Enhesa has built a knowledgebase of EHS regulations which includes the `What` of business requirements, the `How` to develop cost-effective solutions and the `When` of enforcement activities in over 200 countries and jurisdictions. Enhesa combines a unique knowledgebase with an in-house team of 75 dedicated experts from more than 40 different countries and a network of more than 300 local experts and consultants.

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Consulting firm
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Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Compliance is our Business
Since the dawning of the era of “EHS” (environmental, health and safety) as a separate and distinct function within companies some 30 years ago, Enhesa’s Directors have been at the forefront of this evolution providing services to meet the growing EHS compliance assurance needs of increasingly globalized companies. Today, Enhesa keeps companies informed; provides advice; develops and delivers industry-benchmark tools; and provides audit and management support to well over 500 clients. Wherever there is a regulatory challenge in relation to EHS, Enhesa has the solution.

Enhesa is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. We leverage our comprehensive knowledgebase of regulatory expertise utilizing our in-house team of over 75 dedicated EHS regulatory analysts from more than 40 different countries to provide insights and analysis regarding EHS regulatory developments from around the world. Enhesa provides this key regulatory intelligence for over 200 jurisdictions in both an easy to understand and utilize manner.

Our mission is to partner with our clients as a complete global solution to help ensure compliance, manage risk, save time, and increase the quality and effectiveness of their EHS and Product compliance programs.

The Global Challenge of Compliance

The challenges of complying with EHS laws across all of your global locations are many, including:

  • The sheer volume and complexity of regulations
  • Regulations constantly changing
  • Increased enforcement activities
  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Public and political pressure

On top of this, non-compliance with EHS laws can have many consequences for a global company, such as:

  • Loss of life or increased employee injuries
  • Major environmental impacts
  • Enforcement actions (fines, prison sentences, operational shutdowns)
  • Loss of shareholder value
  • Loss of reputation
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining good quality candidates and employees

Enhesa helps to meet the global challenges through the following:

  • Global Coverage – we have off-the-shelf coverage for 285+ jurisdictions globally.
  • Detailed Regulatory Analysis carried–out by in-house multi-lingual experts, not just copy-pasted laws
  • Services provided in English as standard, regardless of jurisdiction, with local language analysis also available
  • A Consistent EHS Thematic Scope providing standardized coverage across all countries and regions
  • Applicability Screening Capabilities – only focus on what is relevant to you

Enhesa helps to avoid the consequences of non-compliance by enabling you to:

  • Manage your current, and future, regulatory obligations pro-actively, at any global location
  • Verify and assess compliance with our audit tools
  • Provide clear, concise summaries of your obligations, with detailed guidance at all levels
  • Take an integrated approach to managing all aspects of EHS, through our partnerships with the leading EHS Software Platforms
  • Have a global, corporate solution that can be used at site level – there are no per-user fees or limits on user-numbers

Will your products face insurmountable market entry problems because of new environmental restrictions on materials and substances?

Governments around the globe are increasingly scrutinising the environmental and human health impacts of products placed on the market today and are taking more strident measures to improve environmental quality by focusing on the product as distinct from the manufacturing process. Downstream customers and the ultimate consumer increasingly demand that products be environmentally benign throughout their life-cycle. Policymakers seek a new paradigm of “shared responsibility” between industry, consumers and government to improve the environmental performance of products and to progressively eliminate products and substances deemed “environmentally undesirable”.

Concepts such as “Producer responsibility”, “product liability”, “product stewardship” and “life-cycle product management” have caught the attention of global manufacturers and are forcing them to focus on a new dimension within the core issues of their businesses: the quality of their products The concept of quality has increasingly been stretched beyond the specific characteristics of the use of a product to cover the products’ interaction with all environmental media throughout their entire life cycle. Being “environment-friendly” has ceased being an easy marketing device and has become one of the key demands of both customers and regulators.

ENHESA helps its clients understand the environmental demands of their markets.

Most of our clients face, on the one hand, growing regulatory pressures aimed at reducing the overall environmental and human health impacts of manufacturing processes and the use and final disposal of their products. On the other hand, there are also growing demands by downstream users on their suppliers to certify the environmental acceptability of their inputs.

Such pressures are moving in the direction of increasingly complex environmental criteria and specifications for substances and materials, including 'design for environment' requirements. At the same time, consumers and their “watchdogs” in environmentalist organisations continue to pose thorny questions about the environmental attributes of the products they buy, while governments increasingly restrict the type of advertising companies may employ to extol the environmental virtues of their products.

Open and Develop New Market Opportunities

  • ENHESA helps companies to identify, analyse and anticipate current and future environmental issues, trends and requirements to help them open and develop new market opportunities. We track the major environmental market, regulatory and policy trends and help clients take these into consideration when determining the most appropriate approach to product stewardship in their key markets:
    • Producers are increasingly required to take moral, if not legal, responsibility for their products from design, through manufacturer and use to final disposal at the end of life (i.e. packaging requirements, product take-back, design for environment criteria, toxics reduction and “substitution principle”, etc.).
    • Customers are becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental quality issues, as a result of, and resulting in, the increasing use of fiscal and economic instruments in environmental policies (i.e. rising costs for waste disposal, energy taxes, strict liability for environmental damage in case of use of hazardous chemicals during maintenance, etc.); in many instances this sensitivity is a result also of the increasing adherence to international environmental management standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18.000 and EMAS.
    • Both producers and customers are driven by public environmental policies which are increasingly based on meeting environmental quality standards and requiring environmental risk minimisation for operations and products.
    • The short-term and chronic health impacts of environmental pollution are receiving increasing attention. Feared chemical and biological “time-bombs” (e.g., endocrine disrupters, carcinogens, etc.) as well as the effects of emissions impacting the ambient environment, e.g. electromagnetic radiation, are generating major public demands for better controls, and potentially major liability risks to those manufacturing and placing offending products on the market.
  • But ENHESA works with clients to turn these challenges into opportunities, and not just to better communicate the environment-friendly attributes of their products, but to identify the growing and future needs of their customers and of consumers overall for products and services that avoid giving rise to environmental concerns in the first place. Reducing and redesigning packaging to meet new or anticipated regulatory requirements or market demands can be a means for enhancing customer satisfaction while saving on the cost of packaging materials. Improving energy efficiency of equipment decreases the environmental impact of the product use and represents cost savings for the customers. Providing raw material inputs that degrade rapidly to harmless substances in the environment help alleviate concerns about negative environmental fate among customers when using them in their processes and products. Actively seeking less toxic, less hazardous and less environmentally disturbing substances and substituting these for those currently used will not only meet growing regulatory and policy obligations but will satisfy customers that companies are doing their utmost to preserve the environment, and to help their customers do so as well.

How can you ensure your products will find buyers in an increasingly “green” global marketplace?

To help our clients understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities this new paradigm presents, Enhesa provides a broad range of client-tailored services that are under continuous evolution to identify and track trends, forecast new developments, understand market pressures and respond proactively to new demands from customers and consumers in this ever evolving area of competition:

Regulatory Guides
ENHESA develops country regulatory guides (as part of our EHS Compliance Service) describing in detail the relevant national, and applicable international, legislation, regulations and policies, as well as public and private institutions and organisations with influence over the regulation of the client’s products or range of products. The profiles typically detail both existing and upcoming requirements and include, as appropriate, relevant industry and competitor initiatives at the international and national levels. The Profiles also address issues such as Green Purchasing initiatives or Public Procurement Rules that take environmental issues into consideration.

Enhesa Product Compliance Services
Working with our clients to better appreciate the nature, uses and environmental issues associated with their products and the processes in which they are used, ENHESA develops tools to assist their R&D and product development centers to take into consideration the myriad issues surrounding the regulatory compliance of the final product, either as a consumer product in its own right or as an input to further industrial processes. Our product compliance assessment tools enable companies and their marketing representative assure that new products will comply with applicable restrictions in all of their key markets, such that researchers in, say Italy or the United States, incorporate product restrictions in markets such as Sweden or Japan before discovering that they cannot sell products containing certain substances or provoking certain environmental consequences in those markets.

Issue Tracking and Regulatory Monitoring
ENHESA monitors EHS regulatory developments related to specific products and their components worldwide ( Regulatory Monitoring Services ). This typically includes both current and proposed regulations and standards potentially impacting the manufacturing, placing on the market, and disposal of clients’ products.

Future Trends Forecasting
Based on our extensive knowledge of the developing regulatory, policy, and public concern issues related to the EHS aspects of our clients’ products’ lifecycles, ENHESA develops product- or issue-specific analyses of relevant future trends. The time horizon for such forecasting usually covers, with varying degrees of certainty, the short, medium, and long term, depending of the nature of the issues and the expected life span of the products. Recent forecasting exercises have looked at horizons up to ten years distant with a high degree of confidence based on current policy positions in the countries concerned. With our support, many clients have successfully redirected their R&D and product development effort to focus on those markets where there will be a real demand for products, inputs and services that meet customers future environmental concerns and assures greater market share for such products, while avoiding the development of products for which there will be little to no demand as a result of the changing regulatory or market conditions.

Rapid Response to Product Compliance Questions
Enhesa Expert Assistance Service provides clients seeking support for specific questions regarding the compliance of the products they place or plan to place in given markets. Such services frequently arise as a result of questions posed by customers, regulators or environmentalist organisations. Clients typically authorise a set maximum level of professional effort in order to better control costs and to assure that all research and analysis focuses appropriately on the specific concern at hand. If needs be, such short-term assignments can be expanded at the clients’ behest to encompass additional related issues or additional countries and markets.

Enhesa Insight is a combination of complementary blog posts and articles that highlight the latest EHS and product related news and regulatory developments around the world.

We partner with some of the best

As the global leader in international EHS regulatory compliance support services, Enhesa has formed strong strategic and commercial relationships with a variety of partner organizations that enable us to provide services to clients in a variety of different formats and scenarios.

Software Platforms

Enhesa is the leading provider of international EHS regulatory content to a number of the world’s foremost EHS Management Information Systems and software providers (such as Enablon, Gensuite, Dakota Software, BSI Entropy, BNA Auditor, Intelex, ProcessMap, CRedit360, KMI, EcoWebDesk, and Gutwin). Through our Enhesa XML datafeeds we are able to provide regulatory content, in the form of our EHS compliance audit tools, regulatory tracking and/or reference tools, that dovetail with whatever EHS management software you choose to implement in your organization.

Training Providers

Enhesa provides international EHS regulatory information to select training providers to enhance their international offerings (such as SAMTRAC). The training providers are thereby able to offer tailored learning solutions to their EHS students, covering the regulatory regimes that they operate in.

Other Consultancies

Enhesa works with a number of global EHS & other consulting companies that turn to us for our unparalleled international EHS regulatory coverage. We are able to provide support in terms of audit tools, legal registers and legal update services to companies via the consultancies that they employ to advise them in managing their environmental, health and safety programs.

Facilities and Project Management Companies

Enhesa works closely with some of the world’s biggest FM and PM companies to enable them to provide their clients with management services, safe in the knowledge that they are operating in accordance with all local EHS regulations. At the same time, Enhesa can also offer wider EHS compliance assurance services to the ultimate client, as part of a “Facilities Management Plus” arrangement with the companies in question.


General Environment

Under this heading we cover issues relating to general environmental obligations such as duty of care, permits, environmental taxes and fees, and soil protection.

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Air Emissions

The Air Emissions module covers emissions restrictions, ambient air quality and noise requirements, as well as climate change and energy-related issues.

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Water Management

This module covers all of the main environmental aspects relating to water permits, abstraction and discharge, including storm/rainwater and spill prevention.

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Waste Management

This module covers issues related to general waste management (policies, permits, recordkeeping), but also issues related to waste shipments and disposal operations.

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Chemicals Management

This module covers all the critical issues surrounding chemicals classification, labeling, packaging and testing (GHS and REACH), as well as marketing restrictions and prohibitions of specific chemicals. This includes coverage of safety data sheets and import/export restrictions.

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Hazardous Materials Management

Under “Hazardous Materials Management,” Enhesa covers aspects relating to the storage and handling of hazardous substances (including above and below-ground tanks), the transport of hazardous materials via various methods (ADR, RID, etc), as well as specific hazardous materials that are heavily r

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Safety Management

The safety module covers all the legal requirements concerning general health and safety issues that form the basis of all H&S management, such as duty of care, risk assessments, action plans, H&S committees and personnel, training, signage, regulations protecting certain classes of emplo

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Technical Safety

The Process Safety module covers all aspects related to technical and facility issues, such as machinery and work equipment, lifting issues, fall protection, safe work with pressure systems, electric and explosive atmospheres, as well as issues relating to PPE and driver safety.

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Emergency Preparedness

Our Emergency Preparedness modules covers issues related to fire safety and prevention, evacuation, accidental chemical releases as well as issues relating to the operation of major accident hazard facilities.

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Occupational Health

In terms of Occupational Health, the Enhesa module covers all aspects of health surveillance, first aid, illness/accident reporting and recordkeeping as well as issues regarding workplace layout and installation (ergonomics, worker space and comfort).

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Enhesa provides a broad range of client-tailored product services that identify regulatory obligations, forecast new developments, understand market pressures and respond proactively to new demands from customers and consumers.

Product Scope

Design is the key process to creating a new product and one of the most highly regulated steps in Product Management. Thus, Enhesa’s scope is extremely detailed and covers a variety of issues in its analysis. More

Marketing Conditions

The second step of the Product Management process is to consider compliance issues that are vital to product launch on the market. Market Managers are often more focused on the legal obligations that will present market barriers across several jurisdictions. Enhesa’s scope includes market conditions and market facilitation, which involves various compliance issues. More


The End-Of-Life process for Product Management indicates the responsibility producers have at the end of their product’s useful lifetime. A product’s end-of-life can be due to market changes, technological innovation, new developments, or product functionality. Successful companies are those who plan strategies to address their product’s end-of-life environmental impact, and a growing number of jurisdictions now have legal requirements for this step in the product process. More

Enhesa is the leading environmental, health and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Enhesa has achieved the #1 reputation for regulatory content by providing services that offer several key benefits for both corporate and facility users.

Global Geographic Coverage

Over the past 20 years, Enhesa has built a knowledgebase of EHS regulations which includes the What of business requirements, the How to develop cost-effective solutions and the When of enforcement activities in over 200 jurisdictions around the world. All of these solutions are available in both English and local language.

Direct Access to Regulatory Experts and Detailed Analysis

Enhesa combines its unique knowledgebase with an in-house team of 75 dedicated EHS regulatory experts from more than 40 different countries.  No other company or institution has anything remotely similar.  Subscribing to any of Enhesa’s services means you have direct access to these regulatory experts.

Enhesa provides not simply “raw” translated regulatory data, but analyzes and distills the information into usable, accessible, easy to understand requirements, guidance, summaries and explanations that are tailored to a client’s business.

Consistent EHS Thematic Scope

Enhesa’s regulatory content is structured according to standard thematic modules, which create consistent coverage across all countries and regions. The consistent thematic approach facilitates better reporting and collaboration. The individual EHS topics that fall within each of the standard thematic modules provide users with the ability to search  key issues that are most relevant, and do cross-country comparisons. This in turn facilities cost effective training and communication around such issues to staff who are usually not EHS professionals but are still responsible for compliance. 

The main thematic modules include: General Environment, Air Emissions Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Chemicals Management, Hazardous Materials Management, Safety Management, Technical Safety Management, Emergency Preparedness/Response, and Occupational Health.

Tailoring the Services to Better Meet your Needs

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage for general industry operations, Enhesa has developed explicit EHS Thematic Scopes tailored for offices and warehouse locations thereby enabling companies the ability to focus on the relevant EHS issues specific to their non-manufacturing facilities.   

Services, such as the Audit ScoreCard, incorporate screening capabilities that allow users the ability to further refine our services to be customizable and applicable for each individual site.

As another example, our Regulatory Monitoring service provides tailored “Business Impacts” that explain how each emerging EHS issue impacts your company’s operations.

Easy Integration with EHS Software Platforms

As well as delivering services through our own client website's, Enhesa is able to offer a ready-made solution for delivering any of our regulatory content through datafeeds that can be uploaded to many of the leading EHS platform providers or an internal management system. The Enhesa XML datafeeds provide Enhesa’s regulatory expertise and services in a format that can be imported into specific EHS compliance and audit modules to be used seamlessly as part of your integrated approach to EHS management.

The EnhesaXML datafeeds can contain any combination of our services, including lists of EHS legislation, regulatory summaries, and regulatory requirements. The datafeeds also feature applicability screening questions to help tailor the information that is imported into the software, as well as the ability to review updated content on a regular basis in order to stay on top of changing regulations and requirements.

Simple Pricing Structure

All of our services are priced per jurisdiction on an annual basis. Most importantly, there are no user fees.

Being in full control of compliance for a multi-national company means understanding what is truly happening globally. Enhesa's core advantage is its ability to immediately identify EHS regulatory trends as they develop around the world. Our experts analyze how trends will impact operations at micro and macro levels.

Enhesa’s set of EHS management services and tools are readily available for all global regions and can be offered in multiple languages to help your operations. Regions covered include:

Every company is different, which means that the regulations and requirements applicable to a given type of operation, and individual location, will very often vary. Enhesa offers various levels of tailoring to ensure that you receive the regulatory coverage that is applicable to your company across all its locations.

Operational Scope

Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster services follow a standardized thematic structure, regardless of the jurisdiction in question (See EHS Areas of Expertise).

A first level of applicability screening takes place at the contractual level through determination of the types of operation undertaken in each of your locations of concern. Enhesa offers three standard EHS regulatory thematic structure “packages” based on the following types of operations:

  • Industrial/Heavy Manufacturing
  • Warehouses/Light Manufacturing/R&D/Datacenters
  • Administrative offices

Applicable Regulations & Requirements

Through responding to Enhesa’s simple Applicability Screening Questions, which form part of our Compliance Intelligence service, clients can filter out irrelevant regulations and associated requirements. This allows the creation of jurisdictional or site-specific legal registers.
Enhesa’s Expert Support Service team can also provide applicability screening support.