Eno Scientific are manufacturers of sonic water level meters. Our meters measure static water level, water volume, rate of change, flow rate, total flow, net recovery rate and temperature. They are also equipped with a built-in data logger which can log up to 25 million time and date stamped data points. The units require nothing be lowered into the well which eliminates well contamination and clean up. We have three models of sonic water level meters and a selection of accessories including compatible flow meters.

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ENO Scientific is located in Hillsborough, NC, a historic town near the famed Research Triangle Park. The severe North Carolina drought drove Eno Scientific's engineers to develop an easy and trustworthy method of constantly monitoring a wells water levels.  We now manufacture and distribute acoustic water level meters and fully compatible flow meters to allow our customers a simple method for complete well level testing. With our products there is nothing to lower into the well, no risk of contamination and nothing clean up.

At Eno Scientific, precision and dependability is a part of everything we do – from the products we make to the service we provide.

Measure Well Levels with Sound Waves
Eno Scientific specializes in the world's most advanced water level and flow meters. Our portable meters utilize acoustic technology to determine the depth of the water in residential wells, piezometers, boreholes or oil wells. These water level indicators replace standard water level tapes and eliminate the need to lower anything into the well. There is nothing to get stuck, no clean up and no contamination issues. We cover all of your ground water level monitoring needs with our full line of sonic water level meters and fully compatible flow meters.


Using Sound Waves To Measure Water Level
Anyone who has tried to measure the static water level in a well knows that there is no perfect method. Lowering tapes down the well can be challenging. The tapes get caught and hungup on wires and pipes. They get false indications from cascading water and condensation. And it is labor intensive reeling the tapes down and back up. Then there are the decontamination issues. Pushing a tape down a crooked or sloped well can be nearly impossible. The submersible pressure transducers have similar issues with the added uncertainty about their location and reliability.

Then there are the acoustic or sonic devices which send sound pulses into the well. While they are very convenient and fast, they are susceptable to imperfections in the well such as open perforations, open fissures or pockets, or even pipe fittings on the drop pipe, all of which can cause incorrect readings.

The bottom line is that there is not a perfect solution for every well. But where the tape may not be able to fall into a sloped well, the sound pulse has no problems. And where the sound pulse is lost in an open fissure, the tape may go right past.

While the submersible technologies have been well established, the acoustic or sonic meters have left room for improvement. This is where our story begins.

One of the biggest problems with the sonic meters is that the sound pulses tend to travel in straight lines and reflect off any imperfection in its path. The degree to which it does so is a function of the sound frequency. The higher the frequency, the more directional the beam, and the smaller the obstruction that will reflect the sound. Ultrasonic detectors are commonly used for measuring streams from bridges and levels in tanks through open air. This is possible because the very high frequency sound travels as a beam in the direction it is launched. It is also able to detect small objects crossing the beam. It cannot detect the water level through a pipe, however, because the ultrasonic beam takes many paths through the pipe. A very small part of the beam travels straight through the pipe, while part takes one bounce off the wall, and some may bounce 20 times making the path much longer. This is combined with the reflections from every pipe seam and wire bend in the pipe. The net result is noise.


Other sonic meters have been developed for measuring through pipes using a much lower frequency sound close to 200hz. At this frequency, the sound waves spread out and pretty much fill the space available to them. This makes it unsuitable for measuring a stream level from a bridge or level in a tank for example. But when confined to a pipe, the wave fills the pipe and travels as a single wave, eliminating the multipath issue with the ultrasonic waves.

But even at this frequency, small imperfections cause a significant portion of the sound pulse to be reflected and can appear like it has reflected off the water. Here is where Eno Scientific has taken this sonic technology to the next level. The Eno Scientific Well Sounders were developed to use an even lower frequency, down to 50hz. At these frequencies, the sound pulse acts more like you would expect from an air pressure wave. At these slow speeds, the air fills all the space along the route flowing around obstacles. The reflections from most pipe couplings and minor obstructions become insignificant.

Why doesn't everyone do it this way? The advantages are obvious. The answer is that it is much harder to do. Generating a clean low frequency pulse is more difficult. It is also much more difficult to determine the exact location of a slowly changing pressure wave than a quick one. Eno Scientific was able to solve these problems using powerful digital signal processing techniques and electronics.


Not only has Eno Scientific raised the bar in its ability to use very low frequency pulses to measure the depth to the water, but also in the standard features included to make the users job easier. Features such as the built-in data logger to automatically record those measurements over time as well as data from external devices such as an associated flow meter. Also the ability to transmit the measurements over serial data links and analog levels to remote data systems. The powerful internal software is intuitive and easy to use with many advanced functions, such as the ability to compensate for methane gas or use in small tubes, and the ability to measure flow rates and calculate recovery rates while the well is pumping down.

Many of these features are just not available on other devices at any price. This is what makes the Eno Scientific Well Sounder the most advanced sonic well measurement system in the world.


Environmental Monitoring
Today there is a new much faster, easier non-contact way to measure and record the ground water levels.
Groundwater level monitoring has become increasingly important with growing areas of drought and the need to manage water supply demands from agricultural, industrial, environmental and domestic users. Traditional methods of water level measurement include water level tapes, level loggers, bubblers and pressure sensors. All of which require that an object and a line be lowered into the well. This opens the well up to possible contamination, places the liability on the parties monitoring the well and causes homeowners to be resistant to allowing monitoring of their wells.

With the acoustic meters there is nothing to lower into the well. The probe is simply placed in the vent cap or on top of the piezometer tube and uses low frequency sound waves to measure the distance to the water level. Our meters are small enough to fit in your pocket and produce measurements down to 2000 ft in seconds, without the labor intensive process of reeling a tape down, up and decontaminating it. They are also cost effective alternatives to tapes which can be expensive to purchase and repair.

Our water level indicators come in a small, portable configuration. The Well Sounder 2010 PRO, is designed to capture data from multiple wells. This model has the ability to store each test in a separate file labeled for each well test. This allows for data to be compiled over an extended period of time, showing water level trends and weaknesses. The built-in data logger has the capability to store up to 25 million data points, easily downloads with the included USB cable does not require any software uploads. This data can then be graphed to visually display the monitoring results.

If you want to record the reading, press the 'LOG' button, and the reading is recorded internally in a non-volatile memory. Even if the batteries are removed, the memory stays protected.

Imagine having the ability to measure and record each standpipe's measurements in a matter of seconds with a non-contact instrument. The accuracy is great and the time savings for the operator is huge.


Whether you are doing a quick static water level measurement or a full certification water draw down test, Eno Scientific's Well Sounder 2010 is right for you.

This hand held water well level meter is small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to measure a static water level over 2000 feet deep. There is nothing to get tangled or stuck in the well, no time unreeling and reeling a heavy tape, and no concern about contaminating a well or decontaminating your equipment afterward.

The Well Sounder 2010 is battery operated, and comes complete with a protective carrying case and probe, even batteries!

Operation is simple, place the probe in the vent hole, press the “on” button, wait a few seconds, and read the depth on the display. That is all there is to it.

If you want to record the reading, press the “LOG” button, and the reading is recorded internally in a non-volatile memory. Even if the batteries are removed, the memory stays protected.

But that is not all! How often have you stood in the freezing mud with a clip board and a tape, to record the water level every 5 or 10 minutes for hours at a time? Now you can let your Well Sounder 2010 PRO stand there for you while you go to another site or just sit in your nice warm truck. Simply press the 'SET' button a few times, to turn on automatic logging, and it becomes a full featured water level data logger, recording the water level at whatever interval you request along with the time, date, temperature, and well ID for every measurement. When you get back to the office, you can scroll through the data or connect it to your computer and download all of the data in a format easy to use with Excel for example.

Many other features are included in the Well Sounder 2010 PRO, such as the serial output for remote monitoring and control, automatic calculations for drawdown rates and well capacity. The power saver setting allows the unit to work on its 6 AA batteries for several days at a time or use the optional external power source. And of course, all of Eno Scientific's well sounder products can be set to read in metric or english.


With Record Setting Drought all Around us, How can you Afford Not to Know...
Gone are the days of using our well water freely, assuming that next weeks rain will replenish it. With the increasing areas of exceptional drought in the US and around the world we just don't know when that next rain is going to be. It is becoming necessary for well owners to monitor their water level to ensure that there will be enough water for the necessities as well as preventing costly repairs due to pumping a well dry.

Eno Scientific understands this better than anyone since our products were developed for personal use as a result of the extreme drought in our area. Our products allow you to monitor the water level without lowering anything into the well, making the measurement simple, fast and safe from contamination. Being alert to the trends and changes in the water level will allow you to adjust your usage so that there will be water when it is most needed, alert you about water loss due to a broken pipe or remind you about that hose left running which is now overflowing the horse trough in the pasture.

Eno Scientific has solved this problem with a simple to use sonic well water measurement system that you do not need to be a professional to use. Simply place the probe on the vent opening on top of your well, turn it on and within seconds the water level is displayed on the unit.

The Well Sounder 2010 PRO is a battery operated portable unit which would give you the freedom to monitor more than one well. If all you need is a periodic reading to check the level when the rain has been sparse or to know if you are over tapping a particular well then this is the unit for you. It comes complete with the carrying case for easy transportation. After placing the probe in the vent cap on your well you will have a depth reading in seconds. With this unit there is no excuse to run out of water and there is no need to hire a water professional to give you information that you can get yourself in no time.