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  • Water Flow Control Devices

  • ENTA - Penstocks

    ENTA - Penstocks

    The control of the flows in the canals at the water and wastewater treatment plants is performed by the penstocks. ENTA produces penstocks assembled to the canal by its own design as being rectangular shape and from the material of carbon steel or stainless steel. Impermeability is provided by the use of P,V and double-lipped rubber seals beside the three sides of the penstocks. Also there is performed the special designs for the structures and...

  • ENTA - Sluice Gates / Stoplogs

    ENTA - Sluice Gates / Stoplogs

    Wall type penstocks are used to control the flows in the tanks at the water and wastewater treatment plant and to provide the isolation. At all designs of ENTA especially the impermeability is provided by the use of the P,V and double-lipped seals besides the four side of the penstocks and for 1 m seal length (at the pressure of 5 m on seat or 4 m off-seat), there is reached to the very low impermeability values as 0,4 liter/min. The wall penstocks...

  • ENTA - Adjustable Weirs

    ENTA - Adjustable Weirs

    Adjustable weirs are mostly utilized for level control. The main feature that sets them apart from sluice gates is that they allow partial opening control. Furthermore, they may be opened downwards or in angles, as the main purpose is controlling the water level, as opposed to sluices gates that usually open upwards.

  • ENTA - Telescopic Valve

    ENTA - Telescopic Valve

    Telescopic valves which are assembled on the pipe, control the water inlet according to the water level inside the tank. These are preferred at the deep canals. Our manufactures are designed as stainless or carbon steel.

  • Screens

    The load of the treatment plants are significantly reduced due to the proper selected and correct operated screens. The selection of the appropriate screen isdepending on the characteristics of the wastewater and also hydraulic calculations and topographical structure. By the purpose of producing appropriate and correct solutions as per the demands coming from our customers, everyday there is added a new one to the kinds of the screens at our range of products. Together with the increase of

  • ENTA - Mechanical Screen

    ENTA - Mechanical Screen

    This is the most widely used screen model as fine and also coarse screen at the large and medium sized treatment plants. These can operate at very deep canals as per the demand and without being any limitation of the canal height The main application areas are domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, lifting stations and water treatment plants. Linear mechanical screen is a mechanical equipment which is assembled to the ground of the canal...

  • ENTA - Model IFD - Internally Fed Drum Screens

    ENTA - Model IFD - Internally Fed Drum Screens

    Internal flow drum screens (IFD) which are produced for screening of the solids prone to settling, are in the group of fine screens. IFD; is a drum made of perforated metal sheet or mesh screen wire and consists of a bearing system, water distribution weir and water spray mechanism. By its fully closed structure, some problems like odor, spring etc. completely prevented. Screens are made from the material of stainless steel, epoxy painted or...

  • ENTA - Internal Flow Screen

    ENTA - Internal Flow Screen

    Material Body: AISI 304, st-37 + Epoxy Drums: AISI 304 SS304, Chassis can be produced as St37 or SS304 or from any other material as appropriate to the project. Impellent group: Motor + reducer , if required, variator or frequency converter can be added. (Optional) Scraper Knife : The part of the AISI 304 stainless steel scraper arm which touches to the surface of the drum, consists of a bronze knife which is installed with bolts. In order to increase...

  • ENTA - Cable Operated Bar Screen

    ENTA - Cable Operated Bar Screen

    The cable operated bar screen is fully automatic cleaning equipment. It can be used in the inlet channel of pumping station, wastewater treatment plant, power plant and desalination plant for the floating matters screening or bottom accumulation removal.

  • ENTA - Model EFD - External Flow Drum Screens

    ENTA - Model EFD - External Flow Drum Screens

    External flow drum screens (EFD) which are produced for screening of the solids prone to swimming, are a kind of fine screens which are used at domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants and also are safely used at the process wastes of the industries like leather, food, paint, textile, paper, sugar etc. These screens operate by collecting the screened material at the external surface of the drum. This screen drum is gained by the wires with...

  • ENTA - Self-Cleaning Static Water Screen

    ENTA - Self-Cleaning Static Water Screen

    Static screen is a fine screen equipment which has a self-cleaning and can make screening by the gravity without needing any impellent group. Static screens (STS) especially used in the wastewater treatment plants of the industries like textile, paper, food, alcohol. This equipment consists of a water distribution weir and a screen system which is made from stainless steel wires with V section. The usage of this equipment is very easy and almost does...

  • ENTA - Model Helical Type - Canal Screens

    ENTA - Model Helical Type - Canal Screens

    Helical screen is a kind of fine screen which is used especially in the open canals with less width. Those are used in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants and also can be used in process water preparation plants of many industries. Helical canal screen consists of a cylindrical screen wire and a spiral that cleans the screen. Those could be placed at low angles due to its location of working and the wastewater canals. Screen wire could...

  • ENTA - Model Rectangular Type - Grit Bridge Scraper

    ENTA - Model Rectangular Type - Grit Bridge Scraper

    Rectangular type grit chambers are used extensively in wastewater treatment systems as aerobic and anaerobic. In order to remove the solids which are settled at the bottom of this kind grit chambers, there is used scraper systems. By the scrapers which move two-way through the grit chamber, the grits are pushed to the drain at the bottom of canal and from here are taken from the tank by sucking with the submersible or air lifted pumps. This sludge...

  • ENTA ENTADT - Grit Separator

    ENTA ENTADT - Grit Separator

    The ENTADT grit separator is used at the raw inlet and should be positioned downstream of the sewage screens. These screens will have medium fine spaces .Where two stage screening is applied ENTADT system can be installed after the medium spaced screen thus offering protection to the fine thus screening mechanism from abrasive detritus.

  • ENTA - Screw Grit Classifier

    ENTA - Screw Grit Classifier

    Grit classifiers are used for pressing, dewatering and decreasing the volume of the wastes which are collected by the screens. Thus, this make easy the transportation of the wastes and gains savings. This needs less maintenance by its simple design, strong body structure, pressing screw durable to detrition, bearing system that meets all loads and its reducer.

  • ENTA - Recprotating Rake Classifier

    ENTA - Recprotating Rake Classifier

    The rake classifier consists of reciprocating rake mechanism set in an inclined channel alongside the grit collection basin. The smooth agigation of grit caused by the low speed motion of the rake mechanism provides a perfect environment for the settled grits to liberate putrescible organics, leaving clean grit for discharge and reduced odour problems.

  • Scrapers & Thickeners

  • ENTA - Circular Bridge Scraper

    ENTA - Circular Bridge Scraper

    ENTA design, manufacture and install a range of scraper bridges for all types of circular settlement tanks with diameters up to 60 meters. In all cases the structures are designed by ENTA’s engineers to withstand all of the loads and stresses placed upon the bridges and manufactured to the highest of engineering standards. All superstructures and underwater assemblies are protected to customers’ specification.

  • ENTA - Linear Bridge Scraper

    ENTA - Linear Bridge Scraper

    Linear scrapers which are used in rectangular basins, mostly preferredas grit and oil chamber at pre-treatment plant. It is possible to make different groups for linear scrapers as circular ones. Energy feeding can be done by a cable drum or with cable trolley. Removal of the sludge settled at the bottom, shall be...

  • ENTA - Thickener

    ENTA - Thickener

    Those can be designed as fixed bridge or rotating bridge as being at the circular scrapers. In order to fasten the sedimentation of the solids, there are found additional bars at the basin. ENTA thickeners are varied according to the tank geometry, tank diameter and the characteristics of wastewater. Scraper and thickeners could be produced from stainless steel, epoxy painted or galvanized cover carbon steel.

  • Sludge Dewatering Systems

    An expert group including machinery manufacture engineers and process technology experts, is ready foryour serveto produce practical and economical solutions for the dewatering problems special to you. Our services start with comprehensive test studies at our laboratories and continue with site tests which will be done by our pilot plants and last until the commissioning and handing over of the plant. As a result of continuously developing, now we are presenting the reliable designs with onl

  • ENTA - Sludge Belt Filter Press

    ENTA - Sludge Belt Filter Press

    Belt filter presses are indispensable for years as an economical dewatering method especially at the places with high sludge flow and because of their operation principle. We are producing beltpresses in order to offer adequate solutions for every kind of sludge which is difficult to be dewatered and has different content and structure.

  • ENTA - Filter Press

    ENTA - Filter Press

    Filter press is one of the most effective method of the separation of the solid-liquid and used in every kind of application. The application areas of the filter presses with plate-frame, chamber and membrane plate are very various. By the increase on the filtration demand, we have directed a significant amount of our production to the filtration equipment.

  • ENTA - Mixer and Flocculators

    ENTA - Mixer and Flocculators

    Mixing of the coagulant and chemicals with water is performed by ENTA mixer and flocculators. All impellent groups, motor, reducer and general project have a long life and strong structure. Mixer and flocculators shall be produced as coated (rubber, teflon, rilsan etc.) carbon steel or painted carbon steel, galvanized coated carbon steel or stainless steel. All these selections should be done as adequate to the process by ENTA.

  • Water Treatment Systems

    In the water we use in every area of our daily lives and in the industrial plants, there is asked for various properties depending on the usage area. At the treatment of the potable water which affectsdirectly the human health, the factors like the mineral wealth and disinfection of water, and also odor, taste and colorhave to be considered.Water treatment in industrial plants are important toprevent the fittings and equipmentto be damaged because of the substances inside the water. By this

  • ENTA - Sand Filters System

    ENTA - Sand Filters System

    Inside the cylindrical steel tank, which is designed as vertical or horizontal according to the necessary capacity, there is found steel plates in which the filter nozzles are installed, gravel bed and filling materials formed to prevent the blocking of the nozzles. The combinations formed of quartz sand and anthracite at adequate grain diameter, are used as filling materials. The cambered steel tank is designed according to the necessary operation...

  • ENTA - Activated Carbon Filters Water Treatment System

    ENTA - Activated Carbon Filters Water Treatment System

    Inside the cylindrical steel tank, there is found steel plates in which the filter nozzles are installed, gravel bed and filling materials formed to prevent the blocking of the nozzles. The type of the activated carbon which will be used as filling material, changes according to the applications. The cambered steel tank is designed according to the necessary operation pressure. The main intended uses are ; the removal of chlorine, organics, odor and...

  • ENTA - Iron and Manganese Filters

    ENTA - Iron and Manganese Filters

    The factor which separates these filters from the sand and activated filters is the difference of the filling material. By the oxidant property of this filling material, the dissolved manganese and iron can be filtered.

  • Belt & Screw & Swan Neck Conveyor

  • ENTA - Belt, Screw & Swan Neck Conveyor

    ENTA - Belt, Screw & Swan Neck Conveyor

    These are the equipment which are used to carry the materials like screenings, lime, sludge cake etc. from one place to another. We can gather our conveyors selected due to the carrying height, angle and distance under three main titles: belt conveyor, screw conveyor, swan neck conveyor. By calculating according to the belt width, screw diameter and palette length, we present the most economical and adequate solution alternative.

  • Water Aerators

    The efficiency of the biological treatment plants is mostly due to the quality and accordance of the used aerators. The most important factors on the selection of the aerators are ; the dimensions of the basin, the amount of the necessary oxygen and the effect of mixture. Based on the reliable assessments from our many applications related to this equipment, we guarantee all kind of efficiency of our aerators.

  • ENTA - Surface Water Aerators

    ENTA - Surface Water Aerators

    The efficiency of biological treatment plants depends considerably on the quality and suitability of the aerator used. The major factors to be considered in the selection of aerators are the basin dimensions, the required amount of oxygen and mixing. We guarantee the efficiency of our aerators in all aspects on account of sound evaluations of our numerous applications of this equipment.

  • ENTA - Model FUCHS Type - Aerators System

    ENTA - Model FUCHS Type - Aerators System

    High efficiency of mixing: low energy consumption, operation at very low levels, high oxygen efficiency with loop areation system and mini bubbles, easily assembly and disassembly, minimum maintenance demand, by special imported siemens motor, weights between 110-180 kgs, suspension system whose angle is adjustable, the possibilty of independent use from the water level by float, no loss of activated sludge at the time of maintenance and repairing.

  • ENTA - Clarification Tanks

    ENTA - Clarification Tanks

    Wastewater Clarification, or sedimentation, is a common and essential process in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Clarifiers consist of tanks or basins which hold wastewater for a period of time, allowing solids or other materials suspended in the water to settle to the bottom.

  • ENTA - Chemical Preparation Systems

    ENTA - Chemical Preparation Systems

    All types of industries for dosing chemicals such as:, Sulphuric Acid - pH, Correction/Control, Caustic - pH Correction/Control, Sodium Hypochlorite - Disinfection, Aluminum Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Chloride - Coagulation, Synthetic Polymers - Used water, effluent and sludge treatment, Organic Coagulants – Coagulation.

  • ENTA - Chlorine Disinfection System

    ENTA - Chlorine Disinfection System

    Chlorinationis the process of adding the elementchlorinetowateras a method ofwater purificationto make it fit for human consumption asdrinking water.

  • Air Blowers

  • ENTA - Air Blower System

    ENTA - Air Blower System

    Blowers in wastewater treatment plants function as a good air diffuser system. There are basically two different types of blowers used in today’s treatment plant like the Centrifugal Blower and another type is the Positive Displacement Blower.

  • Pumping System

  • ENTA - Centrifugal Pumps

    ENTA - Centrifugal Pumps

    Applications: Water supply, irrigation, process plants, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper, textile, construction, plastic, rubber, paint, drink, sprinkler, liquid circulation, central heating, power plants, water treatment, refrigeration.

  • ENTA - Submersible Water Pump

    ENTA - Submersible Water Pump

    Submersible pumps have found their uses and applications in places where any fluid needs to be drained or pumped out.

  • ENTA - Mono Pump

    ENTA - Mono Pump

    They are commonly used in pumping municipal sewage sludge, mine waste water and slurries.

  • ENTA - Booster Pump

    ENTA - Booster Pump

    Booster pumps are designedto smooth out water pressure in areas where the flows are highly variable. This type of pump is essential in water management systems and is used in a wide range of public and private settings

  • ENTA - Dosing Pumps

    ENTA - Dosing Pumps

    Applications: Water and sewage treatment: Sampling, chemicals dosing: Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Bisulphite, etc... Abrasive products dosing: Lime slurry, Carbon slurry, Potassium Permanganate, etc. Polymers, Aqueous Ammonia, etc.

  • Odor Control Systems

    Odor Removal Systems

  • ENTA - Chemical Scrubbers

    ENTA - Chemical Scrubbers

    The basic components of the scrubber are the vessel; packing material; liquid recirculation system with spray nozzles, recirculation pump, a sump; and a mist eliminator. A fan draws or pushes the odorous air into the scrubber. The air passes through the packing bed where it comes in contact and is absorbed into the liquid solution sprayed from nozzles above the packing bed. The liquid solution, after passing through the packing bed, falls into the...

  • ENTA - Air Fans

    ENTA - Air Fans

    Our supplies only the highest quality exhaust fans for all of our air pollution control applications. With airflow volumes from 100 to over 100,000cfm, fans can be constructed from FRP, coated carbon, stainless steel, or a variety of exotic metals. Fans can be either centrifugal or axial configuration. The interior of the fans is always coated with a corrosion resistant materials to provide for years and years of dependable service.