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  • Aerators

    Aerators, Mixers and Other equipments

  • ENTA - Surface Aerators

    ENTA - Surface Aerators

    The efficiency of biological treatment plants depends considerably on the quality and suitability of the aerator used. The major factors to be considered in the selection of aerators are the basin dimensions, the required amount of oxygen and mixing. We guarantee the efficiency of our aerators in all aspects on account of sound evaluations of our numerous applications of this equipment.

  • ENTA - Model FUCHS Type - Aerators System

    ENTA - Model FUCHS Type - Aerators System

    High efficiency of mixing: low energy consumption, operation at very low levels, high oxygen efficiency with loop areation system and mini bubbles, easily assembly and disassembly, minimum maintenance demand, by special imported siemens motor, weights between 110-180 kgs, suspension system whose angle is adjustable, the possibilty of independent use from the water level by float, no loss of activated sludge at the time of maintenance and repairing.

  • ENTA - Clarification Tank

    ENTA - Clarification Tank

    Wastewater Clarification, or sedimentation, is a common and essential process in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Clarifiers consist of tanks or basins which hold wastewater for a period of time, allowing solids or other materials suspended in the water to settle to the bottom.

  • ENTA - Chemical Preparation Systems

    ENTA - Chemical Preparation Systems

    All types of industries for dosing chemicals such as:, Sulphuric Acid - pH, Correction/Control, Caustic - pH Correction/Control, Sodium Hypochlorite - Disinfection, Aluminum Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Sulphate - Coagulation, Ferric Chloride - Coagulation, Synthetic Polymers - Used water, effluent and sludge treatment, Organic Coagulants – Coagulation.