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  • Odor Control Systems

    Odor Removal Systems

  • ENTA - Chemical Scrubbers

    ENTA - Chemical Scrubbers

    The basic components of the scrubber are the vessel; packing material; liquid recirculation system with spray nozzles, recirculation pump, a sump; and a mist eliminator. A fan draws or pushes the odorous air into the scrubber. The air passes through the packing bed where it comes in contact and is absorbed into the liquid solution sprayed from nozzles above the packing bed. The liquid solution, after passing through the packing bed, falls into the...

  • ENTA - Air Fans

    ENTA - Air Fans

    Our supplies only the highest quality exhaust fans for all of our air pollution control applications. With airflow volumes from 100 to over 100,000cfm, fans can be constructed from FRP, coated carbon, stainless steel, or a variety of exotic metals. Fans can be either centrifugal or axial configuration. The interior of the fans is always coated with a corrosion resistant materials to provide for years and years of dependable service.

  • ENTA - Odour Control Systems

    ENTA - Odour Control Systems

    Odor Control units are used in: all liquid treatment plant processes pump stations, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering.