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  • EchoSmart - Networked Solutions

    EchoSmart - Networked Solutions

    EchoSmart's Smart Sensor technology makes it possible to implement very cost-effective wireless field networks of up to 16 sensors. Using 2.4GHz ZigBee wireless technology, each sensor in the network reports back to the Controller, which can be located conveniently on a panel or in the control room. The wireless network configuration eliminates the need for conduit and cabling that can easily cost more than the equipment itself! In addition, EchoSmart...

  • Entech Design - Technical Support Services

    Entech Design - Technical Support Services

    Entech Design offers comprehensive customer support to assure proper installation and operation of your equipment. Our product line is limited to one technology, so when you contact our service professionals, you know you are speaking with an expert - not a generalist that is only broadly trained in a variety of product lines.

  • Field Evalutations Services

    Field Evalutations Services

    We are pleased to support field evaluations of EchoSmart analyzers in your plant. We supply the equipment complete with Factory Remote Start-up and weekly data collection. It's your responsibility to install the instrument with the support of an Entech Design Factory Authorized representative, often our local Territory Sales Representative, and in accordance with our instructions. Installation in most applications is simple, requiring only temporary...