EnTech Engineering Company

EnTech Engineering Company

EnTech Engineering, Inc. (EnTech) provides customized non-destructive, remote sensing solutions for complex industry problems. Focusing largely on buried pipeline leak detection and mapping, our Infrared - Energy Pattern Analysis technology allows us to detect large and small leaks on pipelines and USTs made of any material, any size, and any liquid or gas product. Common leak detection applications include potable water & sewer, steam & chilled, firewater, process sewer, dielectric oil, fuels, oil & natural gas, chemical pipelines, and hazardous plume mapping. We also have the ability to utilize stacked technologies to provide void and sinkhole mapping, roof leak detection, pavement condition assessments, and levee inspection. EnTech Engineering, Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure assessments & subsurface diagnostics.

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228 Meadowbrook C C Way , Saint Louis , Missouri 63011 USA
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Service provider
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Leak Detection
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Globally (various continents)
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Specialists in Non-Invasive Diagnostics

Aging Infrastructure is a common theme that affects our daily lives personally and professionally. As industry leaders we have to make a conscious effort to properly maintain the infrastructure that we have, saving time, money, and the planet. EnTech® can assist in establishing a new asset management program or provide services to compliment one already in place. Our remote sensing, non-destructive technologies allow us to perform a variety of services including: pipeline leak detection, pavement inspection, levee inspections, underground tunnel detections, and many more. We have access to many technologies including Infrared – Energy Pattern Analysis (IR-EPA), Acoustic Leak Detection, Correlators (Data Loggers), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and GPS/GIS hardware and software. These allow us to analyze, characterize, and provide solutions for projects of all sizes. The EnTech® Team recognizes its responsibility to preserve the environment, our natural resources and our nation’s vital infrastructure. To meet these challenges, we are committed to developing best practice solutions and services that support environmental stewardship.

Specialists in Assessing Underground Infrastructure

Our engineers analyze complex raw data using the stacked technologies to provide our clients with timely, cost effective, site-specific solutions. EnTech Engineering, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has a 30+ year tradition of leadership and innovation in the non-destructive testing industry.

Recognized worldwide for our efficient and imaginative problem solving, we have served small and large companies, as well as government agencies in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our engineers have published more than 70 international technical papers and written multiple standards manuals in addition to holding 10 U.S. & international patents relating to our utilization of various stacked non-destructive testing methods to achieve client driven, client focused intelligent solutions.

EnTech Engineering, Inc. has a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the non-destructive testing industry. We continue to improve services to meet rising customer demands by developing a unique stacked technology to provide our clients with superior data and better analysis tools to locate anomalies. We take great pride in creating advanced technology applications that reach across business units resulting in specific solutions for our clients.

We are committed to surpassing client’s expectations through:

  • Remote Sensing, Non-Destructive Technology
  • Experience to Stack & Merge Technologies for Added Value
  • Engineered Site-Specific Solutions
  • Clear & Comprehensive Reports; Not Hard to Read “Engineer Speak”
  • Time, Labor & Material Cost Saving
  • Expert Analysis & Results; Utilizing 30+ Years of Experience

EnTech Engineering, Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure assessments & subsurface diagnostics. Our non-destructive, non-invasive, remote sensing and leak detection services combine our patented solutions with stacked technologies to provide vital comprehensive site & asset information to our clients, which enables pro-active, knowledgeable project & remediation planning.