Entech Instruments, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of sample handling and preconcentration systems for the GCMS analysis of headspace and whole air samples. We specialize in creating inert air sampling canisters and equipment using a proprietary ceramic surface treatment called Silonite.

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2207 Agate Ct. , Simi Valley , 93065 California USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services
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Globally (various continents)
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Entech Makes the Instruments That Solve
Your Organic Compound Sampling & Analysis Needs

Entech Instruments, Inc. started in 1989 and was the first to introduce multi-canister automation for the analysis of Environmental Air Samples collected in Tedlar® bags and SUMMA Canisters.

Over the years, Entech has continued to perfect the science and art of collecting, storing, and analyzing volatile and semi-volatile chemicals by GC and GCMS.7016

At the heart of this development is Entech’s proprietary Silonite® surface treatment. Silonite® makes our sampling devices and GCMS sample handling systems as inert as a GC column, providing better recovery of a wider range of compounds than ever before.

Silonite® can be applied to any stainless steel or glass surface, virtually eliminating the adsorption and reactions that can occur on metal and untreated glass surfaces.

This has been extremely important in creating headspace inlet and preconcentration systems for monitoring natural products where complete characterization requires recovery of compounds that are marginally GC compatible, including formaldehyde which can be preconcentrated and analyzed quantitatively without derivitization.