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  • PCME Ltd - part of the Environnement S.A Group - ENVEA UK Support Packages

  • Annual Calibration Services

    Annual Calibration Services

    ENVEA UK has extensive experience assisting operators to meet their compliance monitoring requirements, where understanding that calibration is not simply an isokinetic test is the key to success. Two categories of service are offered for the calibration of Particulate Measurement Systems: Annual Calibration Assist (which does not include isokinetic sampling) & Annual Calibration Service (which includes...

  • Annual Service Support

    Annual Service Support

    Annual Service Support offers a proactive, comprehensive and planned approach to servicing allowing end users the long term assurance of scheduled visits and ENVEA UK Service Engineers on call as required. The range of service contracts cover preventative maintenance, calibration services, extended warranty and rapid breakdown response, with three levels of Annual Service Support designed for operators requiring differing levels of support:...

  • Setup Packages

    Setup Packages

    A full range of Setup Packages are offered to customers, bringing extensive experience from a wide variety of installation and commissioning projects and a thorough knowledge of the issues which can arise. Whether your ENVEA UK particulate monitoring system is to ensure legislative compliance or provide filter performance monitoring and process feedback, our setup packages are designed to ensure operators obtain maximum functionality and benefit from...

  • Responsive Services

    Responsive Services

    ENVEA UK offer a full range of both proactive and responsive service options to suit operators wishing to either plan scheduled service activities (proactive), or approach service as required (responsive). Responsive services provide operators with confidence that ENVEA UK Service Engineers are on hand for routine service, inspection and repair works and in a manner that minimises downtime and process intervention.

  • Annual Configuration Services

    Annual Configuration Services

    Configuration Services are designed for operators requiring reliable and representative trending data from their dust monitors, without the need for calibrated, quantitative measurement. PCME's Service Engineers have extensive experience configuring dust monitors to maximise filter performance and process benefits. Customers using Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors, Filter Leak Monitors...

  • Alarm Setting Services

    Alarm Setting Services

    Alarm Setting Services are for plant operators using Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors. To ensure these instruments deliver maximum benefit, it is important that the alarms are configured to the optimum level for the process-specific conditions. ENVEA UK offer two categories of Alarm Setting Service for Dust Gross Filter Failure Detectors: Alarm Setting Assist (which does not include isokinetic sampling) & Alarm...