ENVEA Cairpol (ex Environnement S.A)

ENVEA Cairpol (ex Environnement S.A)

The french start-up Cairpol was born in the technology incubator of Alès Engineer School of Mines (France) end 2006. Part of the ENVEA Group (ex Environnement S.A) since 2010, Cairpol is developping autonomous and portable micro-sensors to perform – in addition to conventional pollutions analysers – site studies, mapping, monitoring of odorous gases and fugitive or accidental atmospheric emissions, and their impact on the environment. After a few years and almost twenty innovation awards later, Cairpol has developed a wide range of Cairsens sensors as well as turnkey, integrated solutions, present all around the world.

Company details

111, boulevard Robespierre – CS80004 , POISSY Cedex , 78304 France
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

The acquisition in 2010 by ENVEA Group (ex Environnement SA), a major manufacturer renowned in the field of environmental instrumentation, has been a great opportunity to keep on improving products quality and develop sales activities worldwide.

With production facilities located in Paris area, at the Group’s headquarters, the innovative and highly efficient range of miniaturized micro-sensors (Cairsens) for air quality monitoring has been extended. Used alone or as turnkey integrated solutions, Cairsens sensors provide real-time, highly reliable indicative data for air quality, ideal and cost-efficient for practical approach of fugitive emissions and many other air quality monitoring applications.

Cairpol, easy and efficient sensor-based solutions for real time monitoring of pollutants and odorous gases!

Even at really low concentrations, the Cairsens sensors from Cairpol allows a continuous monitoring of diffuse emissions, in industrial or urban areas. And when integrated in our autonomous and communicating networks (Cairnet), they provide a real alternative to conventional monitoring stations.


Cairsens A complete range for air quality monitoring The core product of Cairpol is our sensor, Cairsens, and we build several integrated solutions around it, in order to address the various needs of air quality monitoring. Able to monitor pollutants


Low concentration pollutants monitoring: olfactometry & industry / air quality control The highly innovative technology employed and patented by Cairpol provides a real-time, cost effective and practical approach for many fugitive emissions and air quality monitoring applications. With sensitivity levels

Measured pollutants

Pollutants are numerous, and air quality monitoring as we know it (regulated by the authorities) is typically based on the main pollutants which can affect health or the environment. The pollutants of interest are representative of releases from the primary