Envio is a very successful company in the field of disposing of toxic materials with specialisation in PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and with far-reaching services in the sector environment. Our company can fall back on the experience of more than 20 years. Our core competences include the recycling of distribution and performance transformers, the decontamination of PCB transformers and capacitors as well as the refurbishment and restoration of contaminated industry equipment. Due to long-standing know how, unique technology, high reputation and the high level of specialisation the Envio Group is one of the internationally leading providers in the sector of PCB disposal. Nationally the group is the leading provider for the disposal of transformers (due to existing capacities, innovative technology and high profile).

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Kanalstr. 25 , Dortmund , 44147 Germany

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)


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On the following pages you will find information relevant to the financial market about Envio AG. As a company listed in the outside market/section entry standard we will inform our shareholders and the interested public topically, openly and extensively regarding important developments in our company as well as exceed the requirements asked of us for transparency and open communication.

For Envio AG and the management the sector Investor Relations plays a key role within the company. The company consistently pursues an open information policy, which is characterised by its high quality and continuous accessibility. On the following pages you will see that we are serious about this.

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Definition Investor Relations

Investor Relations consists of the target-oriented, systematic and continuous communication with actual and potential shareholders (decision makers) of a quoted stock company with financial analysts and investment advisers (opinion leader) about the past, current and above all the expected future business of the company under consideration of the respective trade and the macroeconomic connections. (D.I.R.K., Deutscher Investor Relations Kreis e.V.; www.dirk.org). (German Investor Relations association)

Thus the term Investor Relations includes all measures supporting the maintenance of relations to shareholders and investors respectively – in short: The entire communication with the investors.


As shareholder or interested party you can here access information regarding the business model, the company strategy and the inclusion of the Envio shares in the listing within the sector Entry Standard of the Open Market (outside market) at the Frankfurt stock market as well as the shareholding structure. In addition we have collated important financial indices from the respective annual and intermediate financial statements


As specialist disposal company the Envio Group is granted the authorisation to dispose of any types of waste and thereby determines the best and most economic way of disposing of any type of hazardous waste. For disposing and recycling electrical appliances containing PCB, the key competence of the group, the LTR2 technology (Low temperature rinsing and re-use/recovery), which we developed ourselves, one of the most progressive and safest procedures throughout the world is used. With this technology more than 15,000 transformers have already been decontaminated and reclassified for further use as well as further 15,000 transformers containing high levels of PCB have been decontaminated and dismantled. The materials of the transformers, which are not reused, are almost entirely extracted as secondary raw materials. Thereby the Envio group supports the closing of the cycle of limited resources. In addition experienced specialists and project leaders of the company provide competent advisory services in the environmental sector.The holistic approach of the group can result in enormous cost savings or due to innovative solutions may significantly increase the scope of limited resources, which are available for the disposal of PCB waste. The project costs can be amortised within a few years.

  • decontaminating and making available for reuse a significant part of the PCB transformers,
  • replacing those appliances, which are technologically no longer suitable for further use, with replacement appliances,
  • maintaining the productive capacity of the new equipment for the entire durability with suitable maintenance measures,
  • ensuring with the help of modern electricity systems that developing and newly industrialising countries keep their connection with the global economy and  
  • in maintaining or improving the quality of life for humans of a country because of its clean environment.

The worldwide net of partnerships with local disposal companies guarantees that Envio's customers may be cared for on site in nearly every country of the world. From the acquisition of national and international authorisations, the hazardous materials transport of the PCB equipment by land and by water, the delivery of new equipment to the 'ready-for-use' exchange of old appliances (including disposal) the Envio group takes full responsibility for the project processing; from the customer location to the safe and environmentally compatible disposal in the company's own utilisation plant in Dortmund. The positive feedback from national and international principals and the good, above-average financial figures confirm the company's concept of a comprehensive environmental service. Thereby the turnovers and results could be increased continually over the past years; the prospects for the future are also to be rated extremely positively.

Envio AG wants to further expand its position as one of the leading providers of environmental services, in particular the PCB decontamination, and in the medium-term wants to achieve the international market leadership in this segment. The company's growth strategy makes this target more plausible.

The growth drivers of Envio AG

  • Our company's international growth strategy intends:
  • Building up of capacity abroad
  • targeted building up of capacity in countries with focus on local disposal (e.g. Korea 1))
  • building up of capacity in 'newly industrialising countries regarding the PCB disposal' (e.g. Eastern Europe, Turkey; starting disposal
  • successively from 2009)
  • Expansion of existing capacities to increase market shares for PCB disposal & secondary raw materials
  • Expansion of distribution network, the strategic cooperation and joint ventures
  • Development of new business fields