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  • Recycling of Transformers

    Recycling of Transformers

    With our special expertise in transformer recycling and over 20 years of experience, we are able to offer the recycling of PCB-free transformers at very attractive conditions. We guarantee highest quality and safety standards in our transformer recycling operations, which are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We have recycled both distribution transformers and power transformers for many of the largest industry and utility companies, often under...

  • Site Clean-Up and Decontamination

    Site Clean-Up and Decontamination

    Our customers naturally have a range of questions about disposal and recycling projects. Some of the key issues concern the repair of environmental damage caused by PCBs or other hazardous substances. We are able to support our customers in all these areas. Our engineers will work out remediation concepts, perform clean-up projects in any country, and consult our customers on environmental issues. They know they will benefit from working with a global...

  • Decontamination of PCB Materials

    Decontamination of PCB Materials

    Our core competence is the decontamination of PCB-containing transformers. For this purpose, we developed the LTR2 technology (Low-Temperature Rinsing and Re-Use/Recovery), one of the most advanced decontamination technologies in the world. At the start of the process, the PCB fluid is separated from the solid materials, which are then put through an intensive cleaning procedure. When the process is complete, the reusable secondary materials have a...

  • Treatment of PCB Liquids

    Treatment of PCB Liquids

    When desired and commercially viable, Envio can offer alternative solutions for destruction of PCB liquids: the PCB liquids can be conditioned and sent to specialized incinerators in Europe or in the country of origin, if available, for destruction. Application of other non-combustion technologies can be evaluated and proposed on a case by case basis.

  • Environmental Consulting

    Environmental Consulting

    With our experienced staff, Envio provides professional consulting services in the environmental sector, for instance: inventories of hazardous waste (in particular PCBs); assessment and monitoring of environmental damage; sampling and analysis; development of clean-up concepts; administrative and logistical support; awareness-raising, training.

  • PCB Replacement Solutions

    PCB Replacement Solutions

    Substituting Hazardous Waste with State-of-the-Art Technology. Envio can provide a complete transformer or capacitor replacement solution comprising some or all of the services listed: recycling of PCB-contaminated equipment; delivery of new transformers or capacitors; electrical systems consulting; innovative financing, when possible including public grants; maintenance services. If planned and executed by experienced specialists such as Envio’s, PCB...

  • Disposal of Hazardous Waste

    Disposal of Hazardous Waste

    Our experience in handling PCBs and in conducting PCB elimination projects world-wide make Envio a competent partner for the disposal of other types of hazardous waste. For any type of hazardous industrial waste we are able to find the best and most economic disposal facility, and we can offer comprehensive project solutions including field service for conditioning and packing of the waste, transport, administrative procedures and, finally, certified...

  • Water Treatment Solutions

    Water Treatment Solutions

    Envio Water is devoted to the destruction of organic pollutants in industrial and other waste water and disinfection of drinking water more cost-effectively and with low environmental impact, by application of highly efficient membrane bioreactor, electro-oxidation and filtration technology. These technologies are integrated into solution packages adapted to the specific water streams. Extensive research and development activities conducted by Envio and...