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  • RAE Systems - Calibration and Repair Services

    RAE Systems - Calibration and Repair Services

    Enviro-Equipment is a factory authorized RAE Systems service center. We offer repair and calibration services for RAE Systems gas detection and organic vapor analyzers. Services include diagnosis, repair, and final testing of equipment, zero and span calibrations with calibration records, firmware updates (if applicable), filter and pump cleaning, and more.

Services by Casella

  • Product Support Services

    Product Support Services

    Although our products are simple and easy to use, Casella realises there are times when you may need a helping hand. The Casella Product Support team can provide you with support on Casella software, hardware and with general application knowledge. The team are always on hand should you need support and regularly communicate with other departments within Casella  to provide a resolution to your query as efficiently as possible.

Services by Teledyne ISCO

  • ​Applications Support Services

    ​Applications Support Services

    Teledyne Isco provides applications support to assist you with the programming, installation, and operation of your equipment. Specialists are also available to help you determine the best product solution for your particular application needs.

  • ​Factory Repair Services

    ​Factory Repair Services

    If your Teledyne Isco equipment requires service, our experienced Service Department is there for you. Our factory-trained technicians pride themselves on providing thorough equipment evaluations and service with the fastest possible turnaround time. To minimize your downtime, we offer expedited service at favorable rates. We can also provide equipment under lease or loan arrangements to qualified customers to use while their equipment is being...

Services by Grundfos

  • Spare parts & Service kits

    Spare parts & Service kits

    The parts you need with a little extra quality and speed:Spare parts & Service kitsare original, high-quality Grundfos components. We provide 24/7 worldwide delivery, so you know that throughout the entire lifecycle of your pumps, you can count on us to delivera little extraprecision and reliability.

  • Surveillance & Mobility

    Surveillance & Mobility

    Know a little extra of what lies ahead: WithSurveillance & Mobilityservices, you can remotely control pump settings  from mobile units and prevent problems from ever happening. Minimised  downtime and operations costs give you added peace of mind, anda little extrapower, independence and flexibility in your business needs.

  • Installation & Operation

    Installation & Operation

    Get a little extra from the moment you install: WithInstallation & Operationwe guarantee that your system is correctly installed from day one and is performing with maximum efficiency. For your convenience we offer service contracts, giving youa little extrafreedom to focus on your business.

  • Repair & Maintenance

    Repair & Maintenance

    Profit from a little extra expertise: Our teams of highly skilledRepair & Maintenanceservice technicians can resolve any pump problem you may have. With unbeatable professional industry and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running, so you geta little extraperformance out of every pump.

Services by Waterra USA Inc.

  • Product Rentals

    Product Rentals

    Today, many companies prefer to avoid the capital expense of equipment — especially field equipment. This saves on insurance and maintenance costs. However, having the right tools always produces better results on the job and usually produces them faster as well. That's why Waterra makes some of its more popular equipment available to its customers on a rental basis.