Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

At Enviro-USA our core business is manufacturing all types of oil containment boom such conventional, reel (fence), inflatable, shore boom, etc, temporary oil storage tanks, Floating Turbidity Curtains, Turbidity Barriers, Turbidity Curtains and accessories for everyone of these products. Our Floating Turbidity Barrier product line consists of DOT compliant Type 1, 2 and 3 Floating Turbidity Barriers impermeable as well as permeable, Dredging Barriers and Baffles. Our Oil Containment Division product line consists of Fast Deployment Reel and Standard foam filled oil containment Booms for streams, lakes, marinas, rivers, ports and off-shore applications. Our booms comply with OPA 90, US Coast Guard, OSRO and ASTM F1523 guidelines.

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151 Center St , Cape Canaveral , FL - Florida 32920 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Oil Spills
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Enviro-USA’S core business is manufacturing Contractor Floating Turbidity Barriers (also known in the marine construction industry as turbidity curtain) andOil Spill Containment Booms. With a combined 34 years of industry experience and having traveled around the United States and different parts of the world to consult, quote and supply equipment for refineries, ports, marinas, marine construction and dredging projects, we have the knowledge to provide you with a quality product and yet offer the lowest price in the USA.

Our experienced personnel can help you select the appropriate product for your application. Whether your needs are for a small or large marina, port or your company is a full blown responder we can accommodate your oil containment boom needs. If you are a contractor working in a pond with only 2 ft of water or working in the shoreline with tidal changes and strong currents we can provide you with a Floating Silt Barrier that will withstand the environment and forces applied 1.

Enviro-USA manufacturers for a world market. Government entities such as US Navy, US Coast Guard, Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos), Petroecuador (Ecuador), Petroperu (Peru), Petrobras (Brazil), ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Repsol are all welcome as we are familiar with your needs and are capable of complying to your requirements.

As a manufacturer we strive to manufacturer products that we can be proud of, that will withstand the test of time and that meet DOT Floating Turbidity & Silt Barrier requirements and or comply with OPA 90, US Coast Guard – OSRO and ASTM F1523 guidelines. Quality control is one of our main focuses as we strive to meet and beat industry standards.

We strive to give marine construction contractors and oil spill responders compelling reasons to do business with us. Below are some of these reasons. With many years experience in both industries, we value the business and personal relationships that have developed and will always do our very best to offer great customer support.

TOP-5 Reasons To Buy From Enviro-USA

Made in the USA
Enviro-USA’s production facility is based in Cocoa, Florida. Our focus is quality and long-term relationships with our partners.

Benefit to You:
Great quality product and reduced shipping costs and transit times compared to imported products.

40 Years Experience
Our Staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the marine construction and oil spill responder industries.

Benefit to You:
Talk to experts, ask questions and get advise on the best possible system for your application.

We Ship Worldwide
Being located in Florida allows us to be strategically well positioned for domestic and International trade.

Benefit to You:
The proximity to Port Canaveral, the port of Miami and the Orlando International airport make Enviro-USA an easy vendor to import from. We also have staff who can speak Spanish and French.

Lowest Prices
Without compromising quality, we strive to offer the best possible prices in floating turbidity barriers and oil containment booms.

Benefit to You:
Enviro-USA’s business model is based on being lean and efficient, which allows us to offer competitive prices and thereby maximize our customer’s profit margin.

Online Tools
Our product selection checklist and online quote request tool saves time for contractors and responders. Get you pricing and specs fast!

Benefit to You:
Instead of spending time communicating back and forth with other vendors, you can use our 1-minute online form (Turbidity and Oil Boom) and get your price and spec sheet asap.