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  • Enviro-USA - Anchor Systems

    Enviro-USA - Anchor Systems

    Are ideal for keeping a Turbidity Curtain in place while surrounding the work site. They are also used to keep oil boom in place while allowing for the clean up to take place. Available with 22, 40 or 60 lb anchors. Includes: Anchor, 8′ of leader chain, 60′ of line, marker buoy and 6′ painter line. Completely assembled for easy of deployment and very easy to clip on to Turbidity Curtain or Oil Boom.

  • Enviro-USA - Dewatering Bags

    Enviro-USA - Dewatering Bags

    Enviro-USA’s Dewatering Bags also known as Filter Bags or Sediment Bags are used to collect silt and sediment during dewatering operations. Our bags have been designed to handle high water flows, while providing great puncture, elongation and tensile strengths. As water passes through the bag it gets filtered while allowing the sediment to remain within the Sediment Bag. Our Dewatering Bags are made from 8 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric.