EnviroBlend - a brand by Premier Magnesia, LLC

EnviroBlend - a brand by Premier Magnesia, LLC

EnviroBlend is a family of treatment chemicals, custom-blended to render metal-bearing wastes non-hazardous. The original blend was developed in the 1980s for foundry clients; offering a new and more permanent alternative to lime-based treatment. We have since expanded our line of products and treatment capabilities to address industrial, land, air and water environmental concerns including heavy metal contamination (lead, zinc, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, arsenic, etc.), acid gas emissions (HCL, SO2 and SO3) and odor emissions. Our unique tailored blends are designed site-specifically for each client based on the waste matrix in question, the contaminants of concern, and the regulatory goals.

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1275 Drummers Lane, Suite 102 , Wayne , PA 19087 USA
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Metal Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)
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Premier Magnesia, LLC  

For over 50 years, Premier Magnesia has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of high-quality products for environmental applications, and is the sole producer and manufacturer of EnviroBlend treatment products. It owns and operates the only commercial magnesia mine in the United States, in Gabbs, NV.


EnviroBlend-treated waste results in stable compounds that reduce metal leaching in all reasonable disposal settings, alleviating liability exposure and providing significant cost savings; all in accordance with state and federal regulatory guidelines. Our chemistries successfully treat waste below the leaching standards set by the US EPA, including the TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure), SPLP (Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure) and MEP (Multiple Extraction Procedure).