EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie is a leading plant engineering company for industrial water treatment, water circulation and wastewater treatment, with headquarters in the Frankfurt region, Germany. Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements. Plant solutions for water recycling, resource recycling, zero discharge requirements or biogas production save valuable resources and energy. We supply plants `Made in Germany´ to customers around the world.

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In den Leppsteinswiesen 9 , Rossdorf bei Darmstadt , 64380 Germany
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Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Professional wastewater treatment with customised plants

Our innovative processes for wastewater treatment in industrial and commercial applications are in strong demand. For 40 years, we have been using our considerable expertise to develop tailored solutions for our customers. The plants for the treatment of process water, boiler water, cooling water, circulating water and wastewater are designed and built in Germany and Switzerland according to your individual requirements.

State-of-the-art wastewater technology

EnviroChemie stands for modern wastewater technology, which can be used in a wide range of sectors. We regularly participate in national and international research projects for the development of innovative technologies for water treatment.

Biological, membrane and physico-chemical wastewater treatment

We use proprietary processes, depending on the application: Envochem® physico-chemical wastewater treatment, Envopur® membrane processes such as ultra-filtration, or Biomar® biological processes, for example to generate energy from wastewater. Process combinations are often necessary to meet the water quality requirements.

Resource-friendly water and wastewater treatment

In addition to the reliable provision of the water qualities required, these days customers worldwide demand energy-efficient and resource-friendly concepts for water and wastewater treatment. Please contact us and let us advise you if you would like to save resources, for example with plants for water recycling or water reclamation. Or if you would like to save energy by implementing a heat recovery concept or generate energy from wastewater. We only use energy-efficient components for your wastewater technology.

EnviroChemie is a leading plant engineering company for industrial water treatment, water circulation and wastewater treatment, with headquarters in the Frankfurt region, Germany. Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements. Plant solutions for water recycling, resource recycling, zero discharge requirements or biogas production save valuable resources and energy. We supply plants 'Made in Germany' to customers around the world.

We continuously develop the technology lines for physico-chemical, biological and membrane technology water and wastewater treatment, created in our own process laboratory. The product lines include compact small plants as well as plants developed individually according to customer requirements, which are set up conventionally or delivered as modular systems. Customer-specific solutions can be tested in our own technology centre or in pilot plants. We regularly act as partners in national and international research projects for the development of future-oriented technologies.

Production of the plants takes place in three company-owned workshops in Germany and Switzerland. Our plants are produced by certified and qualified personnel, using the most modern production methods. We create the electrical planning in our electrical engineering department, programme the system controls and assemble the control cabinets.

Our services range from comprehensive customer services, engineering consulting, and laboratory analyses to operation of the water treatment plants.


  • Specialist company according to German Water Law
  • Approval as a specialist firm for radiation protection
  • Quality Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Energy Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011
  • Health and Safety Management certified according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Long-term partnerships

We act as a reliable partner and support our customers throughout the entire operating life of their plants. We show initiative and respond to the wishes and needs of our customers, by providing the highest customer benefit, excellent quality, innovative brands and technologies.

Living up to our values

Innovation, durability and low resource consumption are of importance to us in relation to our technologies and service offering. We combine economic and ecological interests and thereby take our responsibility for the environment and conservation of resources seriously.

Respect, challenge and develop people

We value every employee and encourage their professional development. We treat each other with respect and are committed to those, whose safety is a top priority in our actions. We expect independent action and a high level of performance of each individual, to ensure our success as a company.

We focus on mutually profitable working relationships and productive personnel development in order to ensure that both our clients and our employees are satisfied. We expect honesty, open communication and loyalty to clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Socially and ethically acceptable behaviour and respect for local laws are the basis for the international cooperation of all companies and subsidiaries of EnviroChemie. We constantly strive for a balance between decentralisation and centralised control, corresponding to the needs of the business.

Helping to shape the future

We stand for technological leadership, innovation and quality.

Results from our research are incorporated into our nearly 40 years of experience in industrial water treatment. This ensures the responsible use of water, also into the future.

Our code of conduct is based on the principles of the United Nations 'Global Compact'. It is a part of our regulations and guidelines.

EnviroChemie has developed steadily since its foundation in 1976 in Eschenbach am Zürichsee in Switzerland. It all started with custom-planned physico-chemical treatment plants and the famous compact wastewater treatment plants Split-O-Mat. Today, EnviroChemie is a world-wide provider of proprietary technologies for physico-chemical, membrane technology and biological treatment of process water, water circulation systems, cooling water and wastewater.


Industrial water treatment to meet all requirements

With our plant solutions and services, we ensure that your operations are always supplied with all required water qualities. In addition, we treat wastewater so that it can be discharged into the drains or into a river.

Please contact us with any questions relating to water treatment:

  • Fresh water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Water recycling
  • Resource recycling
  • Wastewater treatment

We will not only provide you with the appropriate plant solutions: On request, our customer service team and our application engineers can operate the water plants from the outset.

The correct consumables for the water treatment plants are produced by us in-house.

Products and plant solutions for industrial wastewater treatment

Wastewater from industrial production is contaminated with various substances and as a result, effective wastewater treatment to the required limit values requires specialist knowledge. At the same time, wastewater treatment plants should be energy-efficient and conserve resources.

EnviroChemie has more than 40 years of experience in the field of industrial wastewater treatment in a wide range of industries. We are the leader in decentralised industrial wastewater treatment in Germany and other European countries.

As a first step we consult with customers, then plan and operate the wastewater treatment plants. According to requirements, we implement our physico-chemical, biological or membrane processes or combinations thereof, to achieve the required cleaning performance.

Depending on the production process and wastewater composition, operating costs can be reduced significantly through the use of sophisticated heat recovery concepts, or through the production of biogas.

In our own research & development department, we develop new plants or further develop existing plants, within the framework of customer orders, research cooperation or the development of our own plants.

Our comprehensive service offering covers the complete operating life of the wastewater treatment plants. We maintain the plants, supply the water treatment chemicals and spare parts, optimise the processes and ensure smooth operation.

Treatment of process water within industry

Water is used for a wide variety of purposes in industrial production. Water has to be treated, so that sufficient amounts are available in the quality required for production. Process water must generally be re-treated after it has been used, so that it can either be discharged according to regulations or returned to the water cycle.

EnviroChemie develops, builds, and installs treatment plants for process water, which are tailored to the respective task, economical and environmentally friendly. Typical plant solutions are used for water treatment, wastewater pre-treatment, water recycling, or for resource recycling.

We use state-of-the-art plant technology with physico-chemical, biological, or membrane processes, which we customise exactly to the respective specifications. It is frequently necessary to combine processes to achieve optimum results in process water treatment.

Our product portfolio for the treatment of process water ranges from standardised small plants up to customised large scale plants.

Sustainable plant solutions for the recycling of water and resources

Water is one of the most important raw materials for industrial production. For this reason, processes are now used in water treatment that not only produce the required water quality, but also allow for recycling. The treated water can either be fed back into the process, or reused for other purposes. Water recycling plants lead to a significant reduction in operational costs for production.

It is also possible to recycle resources that are important for production, using our processes for physico-chemical and membrane water treatment. We would be pleased to demonstrate the possibilities to you during a consultation.

In our own research & development department, we develop new plants or further develop existing plants, within the framework of customer orders, research cooperation or the development of our own plants.

As a first step we consult, then plan and build the recycling plants. Our comprehensive service offering covers the complete operating life of the recycling plants. We maintain the plants, supply the water treatment chemicals and spare parts, optimise the processes and ensure smooth operation.

By water experts for water experts

No matter if you are in the office or in the field, on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer – you and every member of your team always have a complete overview of the entire plant and operations.

WaterExpert™ combines multiple digital solutions in one userfriendly package:

  • Remotely monitoring your system’s performance data
  • Digitizing routine operator rounds
  • Setting up alarms and messages with detailed instructions for solutions
  • Implementing an effective inspection and maintenance programme
  • Improving knowledge transfer and reducing knowledge loss
  • Minimizing recurring paperwork/routine work

WaterExpert™ is an all-in-one solution for digitizing yourwater treatment plant. It combines real-time data monitoring,alarm management, digitized operator rounds, knowledgecapture, maintenance management, asset management andon-demand remote access in a single easy-to-use platform.You are up-to-date on the status of your plant at all times,can easily and efficiently optimise plant operation and reactto changing operating conditions.

Secure and certified

The web connection is tested by the German TÜV SÜD and our industrial hardware platform tools are ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised security standard. Our hardware employs industrial strength security for its cloud connectivity platform.

WaterExpert™ brochure and demo version

You can find further information about WaterExpert in our brochure.

We would be happy to provide you with test access to our demo version, please contact us by phone at +49 6154 6998 100 or write us an email to service@envirochemie.com.

Research in new technologies and further development of plants

The legal requirements for wastewater discharge change, and so do the needs of customers in industry and commerce in relation to the water qualities used in production. For example, companies are increasingly looking for ways to recycle or reuse water. As a result, there is growing demand for technologies that are energy-efficient and conserve resources. What is more, global challenges, such as limited water reserves and climate change, demand new technologies for the future.

Our research and development department possesses a high level of problem-solving skills, which is the result of the interdisciplinary composition of the team. Biologists, chemists, process engineers and environmental engineers with many years of experience in water technologies work together in research projects with leading universities and research institutes.

We are continuously developing our product ranges even further. To do this, we improve the efficiency of the processes or adapt the processes to new tasks, for example tasks which we are set by our customers or which arise through statutory regulations.

Here, the focus is constantly on diverse anaerobic technology applications as well as various bio-film processes, for example using Biomar® biological treatment processes.

In the field of Envochem® chemical-physical treatment processes, we are constantly working on the formulations of our water treatment products. Important topics here are the improvement of efficiency, the environmental impact and the development of formulations for new applications.

All of our product ranges are continuously evaluated according to many different criteria, for example to improve flow conditions or the behaviour of membranes. Here we attach particular importance to cost-effectiveness, but also take account of energy and cleaning efficiency or process stability, as well as the robustness of the processes, for example.

Dissolved-air flotation optimised for water circulation systems

The injector system for dissolved-air plants, which has been newly developed by EnviroChemie, makes it possible to save operating costs because it is no longer mandatory for the cleaning results and the operation of the flotation plant to condition the water with chemicals.

The company has received German utility model protection for its specific dissolved-air flotation system from the Flomar® series. This modified version is, for example, suited to depleting the solids from highly polluted exhaust air purification wash cycles from washing towers or electrostatic precipitators. The task here is to reduce the pollutants from the cycles without substantial usage of salt and to thereby keep costs down. Complete clarification of the wastewater is not necessary.

Traditional dissolved-air flotation systems produce the flotation motive water through air saturation of a partial flow in the plant outflow. The saturation usually takes place using multi-stage pumps, which only run smoothly if they are fed with pH-neutral wastewater that is mostly free from solids.

The injector system developed by EnviroChemie achieves micro-bubble formation comparable to saturation by pumps. The air saturation of the partial flow is carried out by an injector pressure container, which is fed by a wastewater pump resistant to solids. A multi-stage pump is then no longer required for the operation of the flotation. Both alkaline and acidic wastewater can be treated easily with the new system. As a result, cycles can be treated with the flotation plants without chemical conditioning or neutralisation. The flocculant dosage is only required to produce separable flocs. If floatable solids are also present without flocculation, a chemical-free procedure is possible. 

We are continuously developing our processes for industrial water treatment

Using our own process technology laboratory with attached technology centre, we continuously develop our processes for water treatment, water recycling and wastewater treatment.

We develop new plants or further develop existing plants, within the framework of customer orders or the development of our own plants.

In our water chemistry lab, we test the efficiency of new high-performance chemicals in various fields of application. On behalf of our customers, we determine the optimum composition of water treatment chemicals for their treatment processes, then mix them according to recipe and supply the goods.

New Patent

EnviroChemie Awarded Patent to Process for Extraction of Aluminium from Suds

Working within the scope of the research strategy “Reclamation and Recycling of Reusable Materials from Industrial Production Cycles and Wastewater”, the EnviroChemie researchers have developed a process for the extraction of aluminium from suds. The primary objective of the research project was to find an economic process which could be used to extract aluminium in different concentrations from strongly alkaline suds and to enable re-use of the suds.

The addition of aluminium to the strongly alkaline suds reduces the service life of the suds and they become unusable over the course of time. The newly developed processed is based on converting the aluminium into a solid form (so-called zeolite precipitation) by adding soluble glass (alkali silicates) to the suds. The precipitates are separated from the suds by means of membrane filtration system with a cross-flow method. The recycling of the suds can function as a continuous process so that the operation of the operation bath does not have to be interrupted.

As Dr Engelhart, Head of Research and Development at EnviroChemie, reports, the process has already proved to be successful for the processing of suds used for cleaning bottles in the beverage industry.

>> Patent Certificate

New plant solutions

Reduce operating costs for wastewater treatment by using Biomar Ecomizer technology

Biogas, which consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, is generated during the anaerobic treatment of wastewater. A part of the carbon dioxide which is created dissolves into the wastewater in the anaerobic reactor, and the carbonic acid this creates leads to a fall in the pH value. As an alternative to using chemicals for the neutralisation required, EnviroChemie successfully installs its Biomar Ecomizer technology.  The operating costs of the anaerobic system are significantly reduced. Payback periods of just a few years can be demonstrated for this process, due to the savings on caustic soda.

We have already installed Biomar Ecomizer technology in a number of wastewater treatment plants for Baltika, one of the largest brewery groups in Russia. Tests at a large wine making cooperative in Germany have shown that the installation of the technology can also be of benefit there.

Electroflotation E-Flo-Dr. Baer expands the range of processes on offer

We have incorporated electroflotation technology into our range of plants, using the product name E-Flo-Dr. Baer. With over 40 years of experience in this specialised technology, Dr. Baer Verfahrenstechnik provides a mature process. The technology has been integrated into the system series of EnviroChemie products for water treatment, water recycling, and wastewater treatment, giving access to models that have proven themselves hundreds of times, in the field of measurement and control technology as well as pumps and drive technology.

This specialised electroflotation product complements the well-established Flomar® series of dissolved-air flotations. While investment costs are always higher compared to dissolved-air flotation, it can be used without any restrictions for water temperatures in excess of 80° C, and barely creates any foam. The precise separation of the flotate ensures a high degree of cleansing, eliminating the need for further filter stages. This makes E-Flo-Dr. Baer electroflotation especially suitable for the cleaning and treatment of water circulation systems.

EnviModul - flexible plant solutions for water and wastewater technology

Decentralised water and wastewater technology is in demand worldwide. EnviModul modular plant systems make it possible for water and wastewater treatment plants to be assembled in a flexible manner. Compared with classic, centralised solutions in mixed structures, modular decentralised plant solutions offer advantages when it comes to costs, flexibility and speed of implementation. We have developed the independent, modular EnviModul system as part of a BlueCompetence product development program.