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  • Flotation Plant

    Flotation plants have been used for many years for the treatment of industrial wastewater and water circulation systems. EnviroChemie uses two tried and tested flotation processes for wastewater treatment: dissolved-air flotation and electroflotation. Individually planned plants as well as small compact plant solutions are available for both processes. Flomar® dissolved-air flotation is particularly well-suited for the treatment of wastewater that is contaminated with organic residues fr

  • Flomar - Model HL Series - Dissolved-Air Flotation Plants

    Flomar - Model HL Series - Dissolved-Air Flotation Plants

    The Flomar HL series features a special EC high-performance separation package specifically designed for the food and meat industry. The Flomar HF series is designed for general industrial applications and has a highly effective air saturation system with self-cleaning de-aeration valves.

  • E-Flo-Dr. Baer Electroflotation Plants

    E-Flo-Dr. Baer Electroflotation Plants

    Electroflotation according to the Dr. Baer system is particularly suitable for removing oily substances, such as those generated in rolling mills, or for the removal of dispersions that contain particles and fibres, which for example occur in the production of glass fibre and other non-woven fabrics.

  • EnviModul Flomar - Dissolved Air Flotation and Electroflotation Plants

    EnviModul Flomar - Dissolved Air Flotation and Electroflotation Plants

    On request, we also produce our plants for dissolved-air flotation and electroflotation in our EnviModul design. The proven plant technology is integrated into high-performance modules in our production facilities, with the necessary safety equipment already included and optional air conditioning. This saves time during installation at the customer's site. The modular design of the plant has the advantage that the plant can be extended by adding...