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  • Environment

    ENVIRON’s expert assistance in assessing and mitigating potential environmental risks enables clients to respond more effectively to current business, regulatory and legal challenges, and to reduce or eliminate future liabilities.

  • Climate Change & Energy Management

    Climate Change & Energy Management

    ENVIRON has expertise in all of the complex, interrelated disciplines critical to developing a broad-based, sustainable climate change and energy management program. From strategy to technology, from compliance to sustainability, ENVIRON helps clients meet their greenhouse gas (GHG) business objectives by managing carbon risks and taking advantage of business opportunities around the world. We combine long-standing expertise in developing carbon...

  • Air Quality Management

    Air Quality Management

    ENVIRON’s worldwide Air Quality Management practice is characterized by the highest level of technical and scientific skills, informed by well-honed business sense. Both private- and public-sector clients have come to rely on our highly integrated “around-the-clock” service. We deliver seamless, world-class air quality skills with a local face.

  • Ecology & Sediment Management

    Ecology & Sediment Management

    ENVIRON is a source of unparalleled expertise in ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment; sediment management and remediation; natural resource consulting; and aquatic ecology and fisheries science. Our biologists, ecologists, ecotoxicologists, engineers, natural resource specialists, resource economists, and risk assessors work with clients to achieve scientifically sound, risk-based solutions supporting responsible and sustainable...

  • Exposure Reconstruction & Analysis

    Exposure Reconstruction & Analysis

    Current or historical chemical exposures in the workplace, at home or in the environment often raise concerns regarding potential human health risks. Understanding and managing these risks and their associated liabilities requires a thorough analysis of exposure conditions. ENVIRON's Center for Exposure Reconstruction & Analysis (CERA) brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in toxicology, epidemiology, industrial hygiene,...

  • Facilities

    Clients rely on ENVIRON’s technical and strategic assistance to help ensure regulatory compliance and manage potential liabilities of facility operations, and to assess environmental, health and safety risks during the merger and acquisition due diligence process.

  • Building Technology Services

    Building Technology Services

    People spend the vast majority of their time indoors—at work, at school, at home. Proper design, construction and maintenance are critical to achieving healthy indoor environments. ENVIRON's Building Technology Services staff of forensic architects, mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, indoor environmental quality specialists and other experts work collaboratively to provide diagnostic evaluations of...

  • Compliance Assistance

    Compliance Assistance

    ENVIRON offers a comprehensive array of services designed to help companies worldwide evaluate and implement regulatory compliance requirements at the local, state, national and regional levels. We help a wide range of industrial clients on issues associated with the permitting process, as well as ongoing facility operations and their impact on the environment, including social compliance audits and assistance with enforcement actions and other matters...

  • Health Sciences

  • Expert Services

    Expert Services

    ENVIRON has been providing consulting services, expert testimony, strategic advice, and technical litigation support to clients since its inception in 1982. We have worked on many seminal environmental, toxic tort, and product liability cases. ENVIRON’s practitioners are well versed in the nuanced procedures that constitute federal and state court proceedings and have worked with most of the large national and regional law firms. We recognize...

  • Product Safety & Regulatory Support

    Product Safety & Regulatory Support

    Clients from nearly every industry rely on ENVIRON to help them understand, assess and manage the risks associated with their products and by-products. We deliver innovative, commercially sensitive solutions to product safety problems, informed by pioneering scientific and strategic methods and in-depth analysis of emerging science and policy—all with an eye to supporting defensible decision making, market acceptance and regulatory compliance...

  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management

    Risk Assessment & Risk Management

    ENVIRON has earned an unparalleled reputation for combining technical expertise and practical experience in assessing human health and environmental risks in a variety of real-world decision-making contexts―from product safety to facility permitting and site remediation to the protection of workers in occupational settings. Our pioneering work in this arena continues today, as we apply traditional and innovative risk assessment and risk...

  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    ENVIRON offers comprehensive services underpinned by strong technical and policy expertise to help clients achieve their water resource management goals in an integrated and sustainable manner. Our diverse team of fisheries and wildlife biologists, environmental engineers, geologists, hydrologists and chemists offers unparalleled expertise worldwide in evaluating water resources.