The Environmental One line of safe, non-toxic products is formulated to be highly effective. Each performs its primary function with no toxic, poisonous or detrimental effects on human health, the environment or your home. There are no fumes or toxic vapors to contaminate Indoor Air, and they are readily biodegradable. The goal is to establish healthy living in a healthy home. J and J Technology was created to address concerns with human health and the factors that link health to problems in living environments. We decided to research the correlation between healthy living and a healthy environment free of chemical irritants and stimuli for allergies, asthma and other diseases. J and J Technology organized experts in the fields of medicine, toxicology, environmental sciences and chemistry to respond to the challenge of eliminating environmental toxicities and illness.

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Environmental - Oil Spills
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The evidence is truly shocking!

Unexplained doubling of the incidence of childhood asthma over the past two decades is now claiming 5,000 children’s lives in the United States annually. Childhood leukemia diagnoses were on the rise, as well as increases in certain other cancers, like renal cell carcinoma.

What is the link? Am I poisoning my family?

Toxic Indoor Air is identified as possibly the #1 cause of illness related to allergies, allergic responses, asthma, and immune reactions. In the United States, thousands of deaths by the poisoning of children with household chemicals are senseless and avoidable. The relationship between unregulated household cleaners, synthetic and poisonous products and toxic chemicals to the declining health, in particular, or illnesses warrant close study and a recommendation for change.

Environmental One Fills a Void in the Marketplace.

The Enviromental One line of products was developed to provide effective, safe solutions without contributing to the pollution of indoor air in your home and environment. A team of professionals including experts in medicine, chemistry, toxicology and environmental sciences created a line of safe, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions to provide maximum efficacy and safety for people, pets, plants and the environment.

Recent studies show that 75% of Americans seriously consider the effects a product may have on family members, pets and the environment when selecting a purchase for their home. The U.S. EPA expressed that America’s most serious environmental problem affecting human health is contaminated indoor air. The EPA states that Indoor Air is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. They have consistently ranked indoor air pollutions among the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

Our goal was simple: First, Do No Harm. Second, Clean Like Mad.

Choose to rid your home environment of harsh chemicals, toxins and poisons that are cleaning agents of the past. A new generation of cleaning products has arrived that is environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no acid, bleach, ammonia or phosphate.

“Go Beyond Green”. Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference!

“GO Beyond Green” with Environmental One Products. . . Protect your family, environment and pets while choosing cleaning solutions that will not contribute to allergy, asthma or disease.

Active research and development of safer, better products is underway NOW! J and J Technology is committed to providing innovative means of restoring the health of your living and surrounding environment, and to promote human health. . . to take the accomplishments “BEYOND GREEN”.