Environmental Advantage Law PLLC

Environmental Advantage Law PLLC is an environmental solutions law practice based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our innovative legal counsel and team approach support “harmonizing of business and environment.” Brian H. Davis has thirty years experience as an environmental lawyer creating environmental solutions in-house at 3M, Ecolab and US EPA, and with government, academia and collaborative environmental organizations.

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575 Mount Curve Blvd. , St. Paul , Minnesota 55116-1167 USA

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Law firm
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

Representative areas of successful environmental legal advice include:

  • Compliance with complex environmental regulations,
  • Strategic environmental advice, including benefiting from existing and potential environmental regulations;
  • Agency and private party negotiation to resolve disputes;
  • Benefits and tactics of Sustainability Reporting;
  • Counsel on all environmental aspects of business;
  • Environmental sustainability law and reputation protection.

Expertise in critical environmental law areas:

  • Water and wastewater limitations,
  • Solid and Hazardous Wastes, under RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, and state rules,
  • Brownfield and site remediation,
  • Environmental, Health and Safety audits programs,
  • Pesticides (FIFRA),
  • Pollution prevention,
  • Product stewardship.

Licensed Attorney in Minnesota and Illinois, with experience in most EPA Regions and internationally.

Harmonizing of business and environment is more than nice; it is smart business.  Take advantage of the existing opportunities and create new ones for competitive advantage and environmental compliance with innovative legal advice from an experienced environmental attorney.

This innovative law practice includes:

  • Strategic Environmental Advice,
  • Compliance Counseling,
  • Agency and private party Negotiation,
  • Expert Witness work,
  • Emphasis in critical environmental areas: water, wastes, sustainability reporting, Environmental Health and Safety audit programs.

While well experienced in succesful partnering with litigators, this firm does not litigate.  Dispute avoidance and resolution are encouraged, than protracted, expensive and uncertain adversarial battles.
Special emphasis is placed on Sustainable Environmental Practices and collaborative efforts.  Differences between business, pollution control agencies, environmentalists and others are resolved with skillfully managed good faith negotiation.
Proactive efforts at sustainability avoid both disputes and unproductive expenditures, directing limited resources to innovative solutions that support Business Goals.  Business reputation and employee morale are also supported.
In short, environmental and business goals are almost always compatible, even co-dependent in the longer term.