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    Your Advantages with Opticloud as Overview

  • OPTINET - Integrated Disposal Management

    OPTINET - Integrated Disposal Management

    The software solution with which you manage your bin systems and collection points, allocate the property addresses and RFID transponders, implement change services and bin distribution maintain data on fee-payers, organise your collection rounds, supervize identity and collection tour data, allocate jobs and calculate charges in compliance with the law. OPTINET is the software application that you can use from any computer with Internet...

  • Optinet Home - Portal for Your Citizens

    Optinet Home - Portal for Your Citizens

    The citizen’s portal with which you give your fee-payers online access to their personal data. The citizen manages their own address data, places their orders and orders their equipment, sees their collection calendar, is given an insight into their personal disposal services and can download their fee notifications. OPTINET HOME is the Internet portal for your citizens. It is coupled to OPTINET and also has a modular...