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  • Biological Wastewater Treatment

  • Sequencing Batch Reactors System

    Sequencing Batch Reactors System

    The sequencing batch process ist a special variation of the activated sludge process where all treatment processes take place in one tank. A clarifier is not required. The treatment mode is sequenced in different treatment stages.

  • Fixed Bed Systems

    Fixed Bed Systems

    In the field of biological waste water treatment two major systems are available. The different processes are activated sludge systems and biofilm systems. In case of activated sludge systems the sludge settles after the treatment process and the treated water can be discharged. At biofilm systems settles on the surfaces of the bed material and does the waste water treatment. The advantage of biofilm systems is the independence of the residual...

  • Moving Bed Reactors System

    Moving Bed Reactors System

    In contrary to fixed bed systems are in case of moving bed systems the biofilm carrier suspended in the waste water basin. The turbulence is achieved by aeration (aerobic) or mixing by agitators (anaerobic). Biomass removal is achieved by lamella separators or flotation. Besides the advantages simmilar the fixed bed systems always a acessability to agitators and aeration systems is given.