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  • Constant Monitoring Diversion Systems

    A Fox CMS (Constant Monitoring System) will provide total protection for applications where the potential pollutant is water soluble and there is a need to detect and divert run-off where concentrations are not suitable for discharge into the stormwater network. The CMS system is especially suited to sites such as Milk Depots, Wineries and Chemical Plants.

  • Fox - Model CMS600 - Constant Monitoring System

    Fox - Model CMS600 - Constant Monitoring System

    When your site has the potential to have stormwater run-off that has been contaminated with water soluble products such as wines, milk or chemicals entering the waterways there is a need for a Fox model CMS600 Constant Monitoring System. The Fox CMS600 system will monitor all site run-off for pollutant concentrations that exceed predetermined levels. If set levels are exceeded the system will divert to a Holding Chamber for containment. Diversion will...