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  • ELI’s Land & Biodiversity Program

    The pace and pattern of land development in the United States often contribute to the high cost of public services, the decline of cities and older suburbs, and the rapid conversion of farmland and forest and range lands to inefficient and costly developed uses. At the same time, habitat loss is leading to impoverishment of the plant and wildlife base (the biodiversity) of the North American landscape, including extinctions and threats to as much as a third of our flora and fauna. Disturbanc

  • Advance Sustainable Land Use

    Advance Sustainable Land Use

    The Environmental Law Institute’s Sustainable Use of Land Program recognizes that wasteful and unsustainable land uses often result from perverse incentives in laws and policies. ELI’s approach to sustainable land is “smarter laws, better choices.” ELI focuses on the laws that influence development activities, recognizing that changes in the laws of tax, finance, infrastructure investment, subsidy, housing, land use planning...

  • Advance Biodiversity Conservation

    Advance Biodiversity Conservation

    The Environmental Law Institute’s Biodiversity Program improves environmental protection by identifying best practices and new models for federal, state and local actions to conserve biodiversity. We forge new links between land use decision-making processes and biodiversity science. We promote public and private stewardship by providing technical assistance and identifying conservation incentives.ELI advances the adoption of policy tools that...

  • Combat Invasive Species

    Combat Invasive Species

    Every day, new non-native species arrive in the United States. Some are intentionally imported for use as pets, food, or nursery crops, while others hitchhike aboard ships or planes. Still others arrive unnoticed as pests or pathogens. Many of these non-native organisms die out. Others become established and cause harm to the environment, economy, and human health. These invasive species cause up to $137 billion in damages each year in the United...

  • Ecosystem Services at ELI

    Ecosystem Services at ELI

    Ecosystem services are the suite of environmental goods and services essential to human well-being. These services cover a broad spectrum, ranging from flood control to climate regulation. Society often considers ecosystem services to be free public benefits and does not assign them a value that reflects their societal contribution. By identifying the economic and societal value of ecosystem services, we can protect critical services and compensate...