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  • Precipitation Sensors

  • Model ARG100 - Precipitation Sensor

    Model ARG100 - Precipitation Sensor

    The ARG100 aerodynamic precipitation sensor (rain gauge), manufactured by EML. A conventionally shaped instrument interferes with the airflow around the sensor's orifice so that the catch is reduced, and therefore precipitation measurements are significantly underestimated. The cost-effective ARG100 has been scientifically designed and developed to minimise this effect.

  • Model SBS Range - Precipitation Sensors

    Model SBS Range - Precipitation Sensors

    SBS Range of Precipitation Sensor. With the SBS Range of precipitation sensors (rain gauges) EML took the proven aerodynamic shape of the ARG100 and developed it to the next level. This sensor is manufactured from specially formed aluminium material which allowed for fine tuning of the aerodynamic shape to further reduce the wind effect.

  • Model Kalyx-RG - Rain Gauge

    Model Kalyx-RG - Rain Gauge

    The Kalyx-RG is our recommended solution for amateur meteorologists and hobbyists or for project work on a budget (but still require scientific standard rain data). The gauge is based on the physical size of the traditional 5” Met Office rain gauge with EML’s unique aerodynamic profile. The Kalyx-RG is a compact solution, an ideal rain measuring instrument for the garden, allotment, or cost-conscious professional.

  • Model SW120 - Surface Wetness Probes

    Model SW120 - Surface Wetness Probes

    EML's range of surface wetness probes cover RAIN detection, FROST detection and DEW detection. These probes are ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ devices with no graduation between the two modes. They are ideal across a range of applications and are very popular for use in Building Management Systems (BMS). The sensitive part of the probe is an etched area which consists of three carbon electrodes separated by waterproof resin.

  • Model UPG1000 - Universal Precipitation Gauge

    Model UPG1000 - Universal Precipitation Gauge

    The UPG1000 represents the ultimate enhancement of EML's patented sensor shape and offers the user the unprecendented capability to measure all types of precipitation (rain, hail, sleet, snow etc.) using EML's uniquely designed aerodynamics. The addition of the UPG1000 Wind Shield is recommended for highest accuracy. This high performance sensor can be used in the harshest climates on earth, for example one is currently being operated in...