Environmental Mechanics AB

Environmental Mechanics AB

Environmental Mechanics AB Swedish manufacturer of probes, dataloggers and 20ton CPT pusher units. Find equipment for CPTu, Vane shear tests, seismic tests, resistivity tests. Everything you need to do geotechnical soil investigations - we produce.

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Traversgatan 3 , Alingsås , 441 38 Sweden
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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Our data loggers are fully digital (CANopen) and covers all common types of measurement parameters (Force, Drill speed, Depth, RPM, Rotation pressure, etc etc). Our loggers are mounted on several types of drill rigs e.g. Sandvik DE140 Diamond core, Geomachine, Geotech , Geawelltech, HAFO etc. Data loggers for MWD and CPTu have been used together with several types of direct push- and drill rigs.

We offer CPTu for 1, 5, 10 or 20 tons. We have three types of CPTu:

  • Corded
  • Cordless with memory
  • Cordless with memory and acoustic real time data transfer
  • Seismic add on
  • Resistivity/Conductivity add-on

A new vane shear test system has recently passed beta testing and is now available for orders. The system measures torque both on the surface and with a probe in situ. Measuring torque on surface provides information for the operator to use when executing the test. Measuring in situ eliminates losses like rod friction and gives you accurate data. Curves for both surface- and in situ data are presented in the report generated by the system. A table with all data is also generated.

Lime column probe - For running lime column penetration tests. This probe is with built in memory and is available with acoustic transfer system for real time data presentation.

We also manufacture two types of CPT direct push rigs:

  • 20 ton push frame with optional  hydraulic support legs and trolley for manual relocation. This unit is also suitable for truck mounting. A hand held anchoring system with four augers is also included in the system.
  • Super compact CPT direct push crawler with 20 ton capacity. Fully equipped with outriggers and anchoring system. Suitable for transport on car trailer or a pickup truck
  • Both units are robust and manufactured with high quality components.