Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring (EM) are a specialist provider of environmental monitoring equipment for hire, sale or service.More recently we are able to provide hire with assistance. Ask about this new service. Environmental Monitoring has a history within measuring emissions which goes back over 25 years Our monitoring capability includes: remote data logging real time and gravimetric dust monitoring including Frisbee dust deposit gauges VOC monitoring - Pids's, Fid;s , GC and tubes sampling Biogas monitoring equipment Stack Emission monitoring - we manufacture and distribute isokinetic sampling systems, probes ,nozzles, heated lines , gas conditioners Landfill gas monitoring Workplace dust and das monitoring Noise monitoring Dust surveys Sample delivery systems Water level,flow and quality what ever your monitoring requirement call Environmental Monitoring "The method defines the result"

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59c Stramongate , Kendal , Cumbria LA9 4BH United Kingdom

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Environmental - Environmental Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Who are Environmental Monitoring?

A small company based in Cumbria but with very big ideas.

EM has 4 key functions.

  • THe hire of environmental monitoring equipment
  • The hire with on site training 
  • The sale, support and calibration of monitoring equipment
  • Training

EM was set up in 2010 it specifically supplies equipment to organisations in the UK and Ireland. More recently we have attracted interest from overseas.

What do we provide?

Our rental products are based upon key products desired by consutants, local authoraties and industry. These products tend to be derived by legislation and regulation. Our sales products are divided into two key areas. The products that we distribute on behalf on other manufacturers. These manufacturers include:

Millennium Instruments
RAE Instruments
M & C

Signal heated 3010 Mini Fid Pure
TSI Instruments
Testo instruments

Raisi Mcerts combustion analyser

M&C gas conditioners,probes and heated filters

Heated lines and sintered filters

Mercury samplers

low flow vost samplers

dilution systems

EM also manufacture its own range of products:

Stackmite lightweight portable isokinetic samplers
Frisbee gauges
Low flow stack emission samplers
Ambient smoke ( dust) and SO2 8 port samplers
Directional flux gauges
M-type samplers
Isokinetic samplers
Heater controllers( pid & thermostat controlled)
Bespoke product builds for envirnmental monitoring and stack sampling

With over 5 years experience in testing and over 15years experience in rental and environmental product manufacturing we are ideally placed to advice on clients needs.