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  • EMC - Station Manager

  • EMC - Ambient Air Quality Data Logger

    EMC - Ambient Air Quality Data Logger

    Station Manager data logger includes a wide variety of averaging methods, such as: standard arithmetic averaging. Wind Speed and Direction Vectors, Sigma, Sigma Theta, Sigma w, Sigma v, Rainfall, Gust, Coefficient of Haze (COH), Difference, Sum, Ratio, Lbs/Hr, ton/Day, Lbs/mmBTU, ppm-dry-corrected, Linearize, Multi-Hour Rolling Averages, Multi-Day Rolling Averages, Block Averages, Stack Flow, and many standard equations used in CEMS monitoring....

  • EMC - Ambient Central Data Management

    EMC - Ambient Central Data Management

    System Manager offers an extensive range of features and capabilities for operation and management of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring or CEM Networks. System Manager polls EMC Station Manager data loggers, other data loggers brands, and PM samplers via the Internet, Dial-up Modems, Leased Lines, or Spread-Spectrum Radios. System Manager has an extensive selection of standard Ambient/CEM Air Quality Data Reports as well as multiple user friendly...

  • EMC - CEMS Control Room System

    EMC - CEMS Control Room System

    Key Features: System Manager is a Plant Control Room CEMS Display & Reporting System. System Manager retrieves data from EMC Station Manager CEM data loggers. Connects to data loggers through RS-232C/RS-485C, Ethernet (TCP-IP), or Radio Links. Extensive selection of CEMS Compliance Reports and Data Reports. Data Editor, Edit Trail Program, QA Programs, Alarms, & Trend Display. CEMS data stored in a Microsoft SQL Server, Access, or Oracle ...