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  • EPS - Remediation Services

    EPS - Remediation Services

    Restoring a site to a useful condition is an important, yet formidable task that must meet the stringent demands sets by federal, state and local regulatory authorities.

  • EPS - Environmental Site Assessments Services

    EPS - Environmental Site Assessments Services

    EPS provides comprehensive professional site assessment services to our clients. These assessments allow us to render an opinion with a reasonable degree of technical certainty on the potential of environmental liabilities related to past or current practices on the subject site, as well as potential impact caused by adjacent properties. Our reports set the standard for quality and accuracy, and our rapid turn-around allows our clients to make...

  • EPS - Brownfields Services

    EPS - Brownfields Services

    EPS has extensive experience with procuring Brownfields Limitation of Liability protection for industrial, residential, and commercial properties, applying our strong working knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements for the benefit of our clients.

  • EPS - GIS & Environmental Data Management Services

    EPS - GIS & Environmental Data Management Services

    For many environmental projects, there is often an abundance of data collected over many years. EPS has developed standard and customized tools for integrating and interpreting vast amounts of data to create spatial data sets as part of an Environmental Data Model. These tools support techniques that are effective in communicating the spatial nature of the data to clients and regulators. Our experienced consultants follow a proven, formal...

  • EPS - Risk Assessment and Toxicology Services

    EPS - Risk Assessment and Toxicology Services

    Risk assessment is a decision tool that combines infor­mation about toxicity and exposure. Human health and ecological risk assessments are required components of many regulatory programs that govern potential releases of chemicals into the environment or the remediation of environmental media impacted by historic chemical releases. EPS has an experienced team of toxicologists and environmental scientists who not only know how to conduct...

  • EPS - Litigation Support

    EPS - Litigation Support

    EPS brings our clients a wide variety of litigation support services, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony. Our litigation support specialists provide the information and advisory services you need to substantiate material allegations, and analyze exhibits and critical facts.

  • EPS - Wetlands Delineation Services

    EPS - Wetlands Delineation Services

    All wetlands, whether on public or private property, are regulated by under the Clean Water Act.  Specific guidelines are provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding permissible construction/development activities in wetlands.  Soil type, particular plant species, and presence or signs of water all determine if a geographic area is a regulated wetland.   Some wetlands are...