Environmental Products & Applications, Inc. - Manufacturer of Envirotac line of polymers

Environmental Products & Applications, Inc. - Manufacturer of Envirotac line of polymers

Environmental Products & Applications is the innovative leader for erosion and dust control products in the soil stabilization field. Our Envirotac line of acrylic copolymers are extremely effective in stabilizing all soil particles,creating durable, long lasting roads.It will lower job costs and replace traditional methods such as rock for sub-bases and geo grids, hydroseed, matting, etc. for erosion control. The Envirotac line of polymers, when applied will penetrate into the soil. Upon curing it will bond the soil particles with a nano polymerized grid. This will laminate the soil particles in place, yet have tensile strength to avoid fracturing. The treated area becomes very resilient to wear and our unique elasticity ensures the road will survive the onslaught of vehicular traffic, rain, snow and various conditions that can wear down a road. The product is non hazardous, dries odorless, and transparent.

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78-900 Avenue 47, Suite 106 , La Quinta , CA 92253 USA
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We would be honored to assist in your Dust Control Program, Soil Stabilization needs, Erosion and Sediment control, and Haul Road Management programs. Our Envirotac line of dust control polymers are environmentally compliant and will make your areas dust free, while strengthening the soil fabric, increasing the compressive strength and the load bearing capabilities of the soil. It’s an easy application that can be applied by any equipment capable of spraying water. Applications can last years, practically eliminating the need to apply water or the need to re-grade roads, as the surface will have strength levels in the range of 5MPa. This will lower labor cost, equipment repairs, improve air quality, and lower the carbon footprint of the site. You will notice a pay back within a few months in comparison to traditional means of controlling fugitive dust. We have been on the ground for decades and have developed the best formulations and designed the best application rates.

Our business strategy to success is repeat business. We are able to work off of low margins offering our customers the best dust control products at the lowest cost. If you already are currently using another chemical stabilizer please let us provide a quote and conduct tests between our products and theirs so you can see that we are not only the best priced but the best solution.

Areas We Commonly Treat Are:

  • Dust abatement, virtually every soil and every need
  • Oil Rig / Construction Pads
  • Roads / Heavy Haul to light duty access roads
  • Sub-Base Stabilization
  • Helicopter Landing Pads
  • Hydro-Seeding, it expedites seed growth while stabilizing soils and sediment
  • Tailings / Stockpile Capping
  • Erosion Control - Slope / Berm Stabilization
  • Parking Lots
  • Aircraft Runways
  • PM2.5 and PM10 dust control

Why Envirotac Line of Polymers?   

  • Over 26 years in business
  • We offer the best prices and ship globally
  • Our polymers offer the best longevity
  • Makes soils water-resistant and will not leach when wet
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Increases Load Bearing capabilities of soil
  • UV protection added to increase durability
  • Improves traction of soils even when wet.
  • Our R&D team of chemical engineers have developed the best products

Why EP&A?

  • Over 26 years in business
  • Best application procedures
  • 24 hour contact
  • Local Representation
  • We honestly and genuinely want to do right by our customers. Ask us about it!
  • Expert advice and friendly customer service
  • Access to Engineers that can help see your project through
  • Consistency in all of our products
  • Annual Customer Appreciation events where techniques and product lines are discussed

Customers that have used and continue to use the Envirotac line of Polymers:

  • United States Military
  • Rio Tinto
  • Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold
  • Newmont Gold
  • Chevron Oil
  • Kellog Brown and Root (KBR)
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Asarco
  • Barrick Gold
  • Shell Oil
  • Caracal Energy
  • Kinross Gold

Plus many more including industrial, commercial and municipal customers.

Environmental Products & Applications has been in the soil stabilization and dust control solutions business for over 25 years. Our Envirotac line of products are the most used dust control/soil stabilization chemical by the United States Armed Forces. The US Military trusts our products to stabilize runways, helicopter pads, roads, etc. It was at Camp Rhino, Afghanistan where it received the colorful moniker Rhino Snot, when it was used to prevent helicopter “brown outs” a problem caused by loose soil becoming airborne, reducing visibility.

30 Year of Worldwide Business in Erosion and Dust Control Products in the Soil Stabilization Field

We continue to strive to manufacture the highest performance polymers in the Soil Stabilization, Dust and Erosion Control field. We engineer and manufacturer the highest performance dust control polymers and we operate on the lowest margins due to the volume and demand of our customers. Our in-house lab ensures every job is a success. There is a reason our products are consistently chosen over competitors by the United States Military and why we treat more acres of potentially hazardous mine tailings in the US than any other polymer. As our logo states, “We Create Strong Bonds” - not only in our polymers, but with our customers as well.