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  • Dust Control Polymers

    Dust Control Polymers

    With over 27 years in the industry, our certified experts know exactly how to eliminate dust on your site. Over the years, we have developed dust control polymers that work effectively & deliver clients maximum value on their investment. Envirotac dust control polymers reduce fugitive dust emission effectively and are ideal for road construction, airfields, helipads in remote sites & more. With our main office in the Coachella Valley we deal...

  • Soil Stabilization Solutions

    Soil Stabilization Solutions

    We pioneered the industry in regards to using polymers for soil stabilization. The United States Military has used our Envirotac line of soil stabilizing products for years. Whether it be stabilizing in-situ soils for supply roads, helicopter pads, even runways for heavy cargo planes, Envirotac has been the preferred method. Envirotac polymers have been used on Mine Haul roads in Chile, RM roads in Canada, Plantations in Malaysia, and numerous places...

  • Erosion Control Polymers

    Erosion Control Polymers

    Our Envirotac line of erosion control polymers works great to protect slopes and embankments from Erosion. Envirotac being an acrylic polymer will penetrate the earth soil and upon curing will bond the soil particles together. This will 'laminate' the area reducing water and wind penetration keeping soil sediment in place. Unlike mulch applications, it will not sheet off but will stay adhered to the soil. Also it will not harm vegetation and in many...

  • Sub-Base Stabilization Polymers

    Sub-Base Stabilization Polymers

    The sub-base layer serves three functions. First it protects the sub-grade from over stressing. Second it provides a platform for the wear course layer. Third it serves as a drainage and filter layer. The United States Department of Transportation generally recommends that the minimum soaked unconfined compressive strength requirement for a cementitious sub-base be at 250 psi or greater. Soils and Sand stabilized with a very low dosage of our...