Enviro Cover System is an efficient and cost effective Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) for municipal solid waste landfills. The System consists of 1) the Enviro Cover - a uniquely nonreusable polyethylene film developed to meet requirements for alternative daily covers 2) the Enviro Cover Deployer - versatile and efficient applicator equipment for placement of Enviro Cover and 3) the Method of Application – providing ballast and seal at panel overlaps to create a continuous impermeable barrier between waste and the surrounding environment. Enviro Cover System is a globally recognized and accepted solution to maximizing cover performance and utilizes a proven and reliable technology with the utmost performance of any ADC available.

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Daily Enviro™ Cover (DEC) is classified as a nonreusable geosynthetic alternative daily cover in ASTM D 6523-00 (2009), complying with ASTM standards.

Enviro™ Cover meets the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement to control disease vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter and scavenging without presenting a threat to human health or the environment.

Enviro™ Cover films do not require removal from the working face. Engineered with extremely good tear and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and elongation, Enviro™ Cover is designed with the ability to stretch over uneven working face surfaces to provide optimal and complete landfill coverage.

Daily Enviro™ Cover is a cost saving alternative to using earthen cover materials, foam, sprays or removable tarp coverings. Enviro™ Cover conserves valuable airspace while reducing operation costs and providing utmost barrier protection that can be applied in any adverse climatic condition, most notably rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Enviro™ Cover provides a complete, conforming and continuous closure of the active working face of a landfill through to the next deposit of waste. Impermeable nature of Enviro™ Cover encourages water runoff and effectively controls the infiltration of precipitation restricting the generation of leachate and prevents the escape of odors and air emissions. Enviro™ Cover is mechanically destroyed by subsequent placement of waste and by stress conditions within the landfill, therefore not impeding waste digestion or the movement of bio gas.

In addition to the regular cover period of one day, Daily Enviro™ Cover can be used for prolonged coverage of up to seven days or more.  It is dark brown in color (earth tone) and comes in flexible sizing and dimensions.