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  • Site Strategic Planning Services

    Site Strategic Planning Services

    For the same reason that business plans are integral to business success, planning strategies for specific, high priority sites is critical to minimizing the costs relating to that site and to determining the end result once cleanup has been completed. ERCI strongly encourages and works collaboratively with our clients to develop Site Strategic Plans (SSPs) for these specific, high value or high priority project sites. Essentially, these are business...

  • Government Services / GASB 49 Compliance

    Government Services / GASB 49 Compliance

    Government Agency Consulting Services: ERCI works with clients to develop appropriate methodologies that accurately manage and price environmental liabilities as well as create and preserve an audit trail for environmental liability estimates.

  • Pollution Remediation Obligation (PRO) Validation Services

    Pollution Remediation Obligation (PRO) Validation Services

    ERCI provides an independent review and assessment of the current pollution remediation obligations (PROs) including environmental reserves, watch list items, and comprehensive remediation spending. In the course of validating this information, ERCI conducts interviews with key site / portfolio stakeholders, including project managers, environmental division management, and any other relevant parties. ERCI uses its Defender environmental liability...

  • Cost Recovery / Grant Tracking Services

    Cost Recovery / Grant Tracking Services

    To ensure our clients are as cost-efficient as possible, ERCI develops tailored systems for tracking and maximizing cost recovery opportunities for our clients. We offer assistance in the following areas: Development of a standardized invoicing template to be used by all contractors. Review of contractor invoices for compliance with standardized template. Identification of available grants / cost recovery vehicles. Assistance in the preparation of...

  • Environmental Counterparty Tracking Services

    Environmental Counterparty Tracking Services

    In today's world, with a seemingly endless series of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, not only do companies change hands, but all of the properties owned by these companies also change hands. Over the course of a property's history, a complex web of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) can develop, including numerous owners, operators, lessees, arrangers of disposal or treatment of hazardous substances, and transporters of those substances....

  • Contaminated Sediments

    Contaminated Sediments

    Contaminated sediments, whether in freshwater or marine systems, pose a significant environmental challenge within the United States and around the world. Cost estimating for sediment-related cleanup projects is a persistent challenge for financial professionals and planners charged with estimating these types of cleanup efforts because estimating the true costs of such projects is tremendously difficult and riddled with high degrees of uncertainty.

  • Project Controls

    Project Controls

    Project controls is the development of a project plan and the subsequent monitoring of the actual performance against the original plan throughout the project lifecycle. Elements of a project's plan includes costs, schedules, and resources. Project controls utilize accounting and engineering expertise to continually assess whether a project will be completed on schedule and within budget.