Environmental Science Group Ltd

Environmental Science Group Ltd

Environmental Science Group is made up of a team of dedicated and experienced consultants which includes chemists, engineers and scientists. Today, our core business centers around WASPS software. RC Treatt, Kelloggs, GE, Caterpillar, Perkins, Cambridge Consultants, Hallin Marine, to name a few, use WASPS to easily translate a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to their workforce. They use WASPS to navigate toward compliance with existing REACH, CLP and GHS legislation while getting the most from COSHH assesments. WASP Sheets are graphics intensive and text lite in addition to being available in a variety of languages. ESL engineers can test your LEV Systems to meet the HSG 258 and Indoor Air Quality and sampling to comply with COSHH Regulations. The company recently restructured its business to develop, manufacture and supply Biocidal products such as Alcohol based Foaming and Gel Hand Sanitisers, Wipes and Disinfectants in compliance with the requirements of World Health Organisation (WHO).

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3 Station Approach, Station Road , March , Cambridgeshire PE15 8SJ United Kingdom
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Consulting firm
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Manufacturing, Other
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Nationally (across the country)
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less than 1,000,000 €


Environmental Science Limited (ESL) Restructures its Business to Launch Unique and Effective Palm Tree Foaming Hand Sanitisers  

Environmental Science Ltd based in March, Cambridgeshire was originally set up in 1994 and has focused primarily on the authoring of Safety Data and Workplace Activity Safety Protection (WASP) Sheets, identifying chemical hazards and providing on-site COSHH monitoring, LEV testing and risk assessment services.

This core activity will continue, however due partly to the changed circumstances brought about by Covid-19, the company has made the decision to significantly expand and restructure the business.   ESL has built and established trusted relationships within the UK chemical industry over the last 25 years, therefore it is a natural progression for the business to move into the development, manufacture, and distribution of hygiene products.  These will include hand sanitisers, sprays, medicated soaps, surface and floor wipes and disinfectants.

To facilitate these new product lines, a new business entity is being created with the name “Environmental Science Hygiene Ltd”, and the existing company is renamed as “Environmental Science Group”.  Their new website is: www.envsciencegroup.com

One factor behind the change of direction for the business is that some products are being very hastily marketed during this pandemic; therefore they do not perform as efficiently as may be implied. By contrast, the team at Environmental Science are committed to producing high quality products that are both safe and effective. They also feel it is important to provide complete transparency by supplying the relevant GHS Safety Data Sheets, Product Labels, Product Information Sheets, etc.

Our Palm Tree Foaming Hand Sanitiser is unique and different from other current products for the following reasons:

·        The alcohol is naturally sourced and distilled from the sap of palm trees.
·        The palm trees are not damaged in the extraction process, so the    product is both sustainable and eco-friendly.
·        Unlike most other sources of Ethanol, by tapping into an existing resource it means that valuable agricultural land can be used for food production instead.
·        The foaming action is preferred by the healthcare sector over gel-based products. 
·        The alcohol content is in excess of 60% as recommended by the World Health Organisation.
Conforms to the European Standard EN1276.