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  • Geotechnical Services

    ESG provide a diverse range of services for land-based and overwater projects as a leading geotechnical services provider and the UK’s number one choice for site investigation, we provide a complete, integrated package of services, covering the whole project lifecycle from the pre-build phase through to site investigation, design, construction and the built stages.

  • Desk Study (Preliminary Risk Assessment) Service

    Desk Study (Preliminary Risk Assessment) Service

    Site investigation requires pre-planning. It is the key to cost effective, on-site success. To obtain best value from a site investigation it is essential to carry out a desk study as the first stage to identify the geotechnical and/or geoenvironmental characteristics of the ground in sufficient detail to enable economic design as well as to minimise the risk of unforeseen ground conditions which can cause increased costs and/or programme delays.

  • Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling Service

    Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling Service

    Understanding the behaviour of the ground is integral to any geotechnical investigation. It is important to use the right combination of drilling, sampling, logging, testing and analysis. ESG uses its in-house holding of high quality plant and equipment to deliver safe, accurate soil acquisition and management, coupled with extensive laboratory testing to deliver the best possible data for effective, factual, interpretative reporting.

  • The Ground Investigation Report Service

    The Ground Investigation Report Service

    Factual Reporting: Factual reports are written by our highly qualified and experienced team of technical engineers and cover every aspect of the site investigation design, including: Purpose and scope of the investigation, A factual account of all field and laboratory work., Exploratory hole records (boreholes, trial pits, window sample holes), including grid co-ordinates and ground elevation., In situ test results, Laboratory test results including...

  • Cone Penetration Testing Service

    Cone Penetration Testing Service

    The advantages of cone penetration testing (CPT) are significant delivering high quality, real time geotechnical results with minimal soil disturbance.

  • In Situ Testing Service

    In Situ Testing Service

    ESG provides a full suite of in situ testing as a stand alone service or part of a wider site investigation all backed by superb technical and analytical support.

  • Overwater Geotechnics Service

    Overwater Geotechnics Service

    ESG provide experienced geotechnical and geological engineers to deliver the most appropriate site investigation data on large and small overwater projects. We undertake nearshore and inland waterway work as well as off-shore marine using a wide array of specialist floating vessels and jack ups for drilling, sampling and probing.

  • Instrumentation and Monitoring Services

    Instrumentation and Monitoring Services

    Every ground investigation has different monitoring needs. Groundwater pressure and flow, ground movement, settlement and slope instability can all affect the performance of engineering structures and the final cost of construction. In addition, we can also investigate the concentration and emission rates of ground gases or monitor the movement of contaminants through the ground.

  • Asbestos Management & Consultancy Service

    Asbestos Management & Consultancy Service

    ESG Asbestos Limited, part of the Environmental Scientifics Group is the trusted partner for ongoing asbestos management and asbestos testing in the built environment with over 50 qualified asbestos specialists providing Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Sampling. Our team of qualified asbestos surveyors, analysts, consultants and project managers are highly experienced in asbestos management with impartial advice and solutions, offering a...

  • Risk Assessment Service

    Risk Assessment Service

    Assessing the environmental risks associated with any project e.g. brownfield remediation is paramount and can impact significantly on project integrity and total life cost.

  • Soil Dynamics and Seismic Hazard Surveys Service

    Soil Dynamics and Seismic Hazard Surveys Service

    Seismic hazard can be defined as the probability of exceeding, during a certain period, a specified degree of ground shaking at a given location. In order to assess the overall risk, the hazard can be combined with the vulnerability of the facility to suffer a specified failure or reduction in serviceability.

  • Dust and Air Investigations Service

    Dust and Air Investigations Service

    ESG have wide experience in designing monitoring solutions to a range of environmental problems commonly encountered in the workplace and wider environment including air quality, building hygiene, occupational and nuisance dust monitoring and a range of other environmental and occupational health issues. This work is backed up by our in-house UKAS accredited laboratories.

  • Environmental Due Diligence Service

    Environmental Due Diligence Service

    Our due diligence assessment services assist in the estimation of potential environmental liabilities and on-site risk. Through better knowledge of a site's assets our clients are able to manage projects more efficiently and effectively using valuable information provided.

  • Waste Management Service

    Waste Management Service

    ESG's understanding of legislative effects and minimising reuse strategies has been paramount in de-risking waste management and landfill projects. A comprehensive range of services are available including.

  • Integrated, Pollution, Prevention and Control (IPPC) Service

    Integrated, Pollution, Prevention and Control (IPPC) Service

    We have a vast amount of experience in applying IPPC controls and have worked on many environmental projects for the following purposes: Prevent/reduce emissions (to air, land & water), Prevent/reduce noise, odour & vibration, Prevent/reduce waste, Prevent/reduce environmental accidents, Site remediation, Energy conservation.

  • Geotechnics and Engineering Geology Service

    Geotechnics and Engineering Geology Service

    ESG provide a broad range of services in geotechnics and engineering geology. These include: Feasibility studies, Collection and interpretation of ground investigation data, Design and advisory services.

  • Japanese Knotweed Service

    Japanese Knotweed Service

    Environmental Scientifics Group Limited (ESG) offers a variety of site specific remediation solutions designed around the needs of the client. The selection of the most appropriate remediation technique depends on constraints such as timescales and available space. It is the aim of ESG to provide our clients with the most cost effective knotweed remediation solution for each site.

  • Index Tests Service

    Index Tests Service

    Index testing undertaken by ESG is generally used for classification of materials, profiling and derivation of parameters for subsequent advance testing. These tests include: Moisture content, Atterberg Limits, Density (Bulk, dry and limiting), Particle Size Distribution (PSD), Particle Density (Small pyknometer and Gas jar), Shrinkage.

  • Strength Tests Service

    Strength Tests Service

    ESG possess the most extensive laboratory facilities in the business, ensuring that our highly skilled site investigations are backed up by suberb analytical services. For example, we have the largest commercial effective stress testing facilities in Europe. Many different types of soil can be analysed in our UKAS accredited geotechnical testing laboratories for their strength properties. These include a range of triaxial, vane and shear tests...

  • Advanced Designer Testing Service

    Advanced Designer Testing Service

    As well as enjoying a solid reputation in the field of effective stress as the largest laboratory of this type in Europe, ESG's on-going developments into areas of advanced testing and data capture reinforces our position at the forefront of geotechnical testing.

  • Thermal Conductivity Test Service

    Thermal Conductivity Test Service

    Increasing interest in alternative sources of energy which include using the ground as a heat source has led to our recent research and development of laboratory based thermal cell technologies. A typical use for this has included clients wanting to calculate the thermal characteristics of building foundations for the installation of efficient Ground Source Heat Pumps systems (GSHP).

  • Compaction Related Tests Service

    Compaction Related Tests Service

    Compaction related tests such as moisture/density relationships, Californian Bearing Ratio (CBR), and Moisture condition value (MCV) are standard requirements for ground investigation and earthworks projects. Our suite of tests include.

  • Consolidation Testing Service

    Consolidation Testing Service

    Three types of consolidation testing are provided using our in-house Oedometers, Hydraulic Cells (Rowe) and Triaxial Cells.

  • Permeability Testing Service

    Permeability Testing Service

    One of our strengths is delivering extensive testing regimes. With this in mind we provide a wide choice of permeabilty tests to satisfy every requirement including.

  • Testing of Chalk Service

    Testing of Chalk Service

    As well as our standard range of soil and rock tests, ESG provide chalk testing and analyses for the following specific parameters: Chalk Crushing Value (CCV), Carbonate content, Saturation moisture content.

  • Rock Tests Service

    Rock Tests Service

    The rock testing facilities and technical expertise at ESG enables a comprehensive in-house rock testing service to ISRM standards encompassing core logging, sample preparation and determination of a range of rock properties. Our testing regimes for rocks are used to determine.

  • Lime Stabilisation Testing Service

    Lime Stabilisation Testing Service

    ESG has wide experience of lime stabilisation analysis. We can assess the material properties required for stabilisation and capping to Highways Spec Table 6/1 and TRL 447 standards. This testing supports other complementary services provided by ESG's Geotechnical Services and Materials Testing Divisions including material testing and remediation strategies.

  • Chemical Tests Service

    Chemical Tests Service

    To evaluate the chemical content of soils, aggregates, peats, organic and other materials ESG provides a range of tests.

  • Marine Geophysics Service

    Marine Geophysics Service

    Pelorus Surveys offer a full range of marine geophysical investigations for all marine engineering and construction needs in the nearshore zone.

  • Land Geophysics Service

    Land Geophysics Service

    Pelorus Surveys is experienced in a wide range of land geophysical survey techniques used as stand alone or in conjunction with intrusive site investigations.

  • Land and Topographic Surveys Service

    Land and Topographic Surveys Service

    Pelorus Surveys offers a full range of land surveys for all civil engineering, flood risk mapping and environmental requirements. We undertake projects of any type or size in the UK from small greenfield sites to large town centre redevelopments.

  • Hydrographic Surveys Service

    Hydrographic Surveys Service

    Pelorus Surveys offer a full range of hydrographic and oceanographic surveys for all engineering and monitoring purposes.

  • Condition Surveys Service

    Condition Surveys Service

    Condition surveys are undertaken for clients as periodic risk evaluations, during property acquisition and at commencement or surrender of leases. Periodic condition surveys include walk through surveys to identify defects and, where necessary, intrusive investigations to determine the cause of the defects. These surveys are frequently carried out in conjunction with hazardous materials surveys, including asbestos surveys, and indoor air and water...

  • Change of use and Alterations Service

    Change of use and Alterations Service

    Property owners and tenants frequently change the use or layout of buildings to accommodate improvements in their business. Such changes will often result in additional loading to elements of the structure and it is therefore essential to have a thorough understanding of the interaction between the structural components and identify any strengthening required. The combined capabilities of the structural investigation team and the professional...

  • Structural Design and Consultancy Service

    Structural Design and Consultancy Service

    Our experts work closely with consulting engineers and property owners to establish the causes or mechanisms of failure and recommend subsequent remedial options. Part of this service includes works supervision and strength evaluation.