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  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    Consultancy, including feasibility and design studies for environmental management, information, and decision support systems; we also offer a broad range of support functions including compilation and processing the necessary data, design of monitoring systems and the planning and and supervision of field surveys, and pimary data collection including underwater exploration.

  • Integrated Software Solutions Services

    Integrated Software Solutions Services

    Integrated software solutions for complex and distributed (Internet/Intranet) environmental information and decision support systems. These systems are also available as turn-key systems installed and ready-to-run on powerful, reliable and secure workstations and servers under Linux/UNIX and with PC based local or remote clients.

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Support Services for our software installations including data compilation, processing, and analysis; development of knowledge bases for rule-based expert systems; training courses including on-line distance learning systems; and custom simulation runs for complex problems such as very large-scale optimisation;

  • Outsourcing Solutions Services

    Outsourcing Solutions Services

    Outsourcing solutions, where we offer to operate and maintain complete informatio, simulation, and decision support systems for clients that can access these models remotely through the Internet or dedicated ISDN lines; examples are technological risk assessment and emergency management; complex air quality modeling including daily ozone forecasting; very large-scale optimisation models, combined traffic and air quality models; or large-scale water...