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EnviroSim provides simulation software solutions and consulting services for wastewater process engineers around the world. We are the developers of BioWin, PetWin and BW Controller.

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McMaster Innovation Park,114A - 175 Longwood Road South , Hamilton , ON L8P 0A1 Canada

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our attention to detail, support for the latest international models, and continual development and enhancement of BioWin, PetWin and BW Controller make them invaluable tools for plant operation and design. EnviroSim is continually engaged in ongoing research and development to ensure that both BioWin and PetWin remain the leading wastewater process simulators. Our development is driven by the needs of our customers, which serves to enhance the real-world applicability of our products.

EnviroSim software products are Microsoft Windows-based applications used by engineering consultants, municipalities, and educational institutions from around the world.

The BioWin simulator is used world-wide in the analysis and design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. BioWin whole plant modeling provides process insights that reduce capital costs and operating expenses.

The PetWin simulator is used in the analysis and design of petroleum and petrochemical industry wastewater treatment plants. PetWin adds the ability to analyse hydrocarbon, sulphur, and other industrial compounds in addition to complete BioWin capabilities.

BW Controller
The BW Controller augments BioWin and PetWin+ models with a range of process control simulation capabilities commonly employed in wastewater treatment systems. BW Controller enables evaluation of improvements in online measurement technology, and development of more sophisticated control strategies.


EnviroSim offers training courses on our entire software suite, as well as software independent courses covering general aspects of modeling, model calibration and wastewater processing.

All EnviroSim courses draw on our extensive process engineering knowledge to make the material realistic and relevant to your actual process issues. We strive to transfer new technology and research results to the wastewater treatment community to support efficient plant design and operation practices. For more information on the courses we currently offer, follow the links below. We can also customize a course for your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.


Introductory BioWin Training
Introductory BioWin training is an efficient way to get new users up to speed through an intensive training course which covers BioWin as well as touches on various process engineering aspects.

Advanced BioWin Training
The advanced BioWin course is designed to cover a range of topics on application of BioWin. Designed for “experienced” BioWin users, the primary objectives are to provide information on certain model details, and to cover a range of example applications of BioWin.

Calibration of Simulators
The most sensitive process in model-based activated sludge process design and optimization is calibration. EnviroSim has conducted extensive research on this issue. Based on this research, this course presents a structured approach and a fundamental basis for a properly conducted simulation study.

Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) Training
Design of MBR-based systems must account for a number of factors, including differences in mixed liquor concentration between reactors due to recycle flows, changing concentrations under diurnal flows, and the impact of recycle arrangements on solids distribution and concentrations. This course, designed for BioWin users with some modeling experience, covers topics related specifically to the modeling and analysis of MBR systems.

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) Training
SBRs are complex systems, and dynamic process modeling is key to understanding their behaviour and optimizing their performance. This course, designed for BioWin users with some  modeling experience, covers a number of topics related specifically to the modeling and analysis of SBR systems.

BW Controller Training
BW Controller enables evaluation of improvements in online measurement technology, and development of more sophisticated control strategies.  This course covers how to use BW Controller for various control strategies through hands-on examples.


EnviroSim works closely with our clients to provide expertise and assistance through experimental work (wastewater characterization, nitrification rate measurement), model-based consulting and model development. EnviroSim staff have extensive experience solving treatment plant process problems, optimizing performance, and assisting in treatment plant process design. The principal focus is biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems.

Experimental Studies
Good model calibration requires knowledge of not only model parameters but also influent wastewater characteristics.  EnviroSim conducts and assists in wastewater characterization and nitrification studies on behalf of our clients.

Model-Based Consulting Services
EnviroSim staff have been involved as process specialists in numerous projects worldwide.

Model Development
EnviroSim can provide custom modeling services to its customers.

Our extensive experience comes from:

  • Seminars on process engineering in Canada, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Europe.
  • BioWin software support for clients. Regular contact with clients provides exposure to design philosophies and approaches used worldwide.
  • Involvement as process specialists in project teams where BioWin is being applied for solving process problems, optimizing process performance and designing treatment plants.
  • Process design reviews.
  • Wastewater characterization and nitrification rate measurement studies for municipal clients.
  • Research projects. For example, EnviroSim was recently on a team that prepared a manual on wastewater characterization and nitrification rate methodologies for the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF).


Software support is included in the cost of an annual license. The most effective manner of obtaining support is via email to support@envirosim.com. Please send your questions and attach the BioWin file to the email. In this way we can be viewing the exact system while working on the issue.

EnviroSim software support is focused on ensuring that our customers are getting the most productive use of our modeling software suite. Our support team is here to help with product use, product functionality and product configuration questions.

For more complex challenges related to wastewater process engineering, we offer consulting services to assist customers with their modeling efforts.

The difference between support and consulting are illustrated below:

  1. Questions related to the software such as ‘How do I export my data?’, ‘What model best simulates a trickling filter?’, or ‘How do I customize my Album?’ would be considered support questions.
  2. Questions related to process engineering such as ‘How do I achieve an effluent nitrate concentration of less than 5 mg/l?’ would be better answered by our consulting services team.

A Structured Approach for Model Application
This paper provides a structured approach to developing a model in BioWin for an individual plant or on a regional basis. It is a good summary or refresher for both new and experienced BioWin users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
This is a list of commonly asked questions we have received from prospective users of BioWin. This is a good place to start to get some basic information about BioWin.

BioWin Advantage
BioWin Advantage is an e-newsletter issued regularly by EnviroSim designed to facilitate knowledge transfer to BioWin users. In each edition a case study approach is applied to highlight BioWin features that will enhance your competitive advantage

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If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail, phone, or fax.